24 Fun Gifts for Young Adults You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

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The Fun Christmas Gifts for Young Adults That Are Actually Worth Buying

fun Christmas gifts for young adults

Remember what it was like to be a young adult?

Freshly graduated from high school with college and/or your first job coming in hot, you probably felt like you were in the prime of your life (which is funny in retrospect). Top priorities included spending time with friends, trying new things, and having a good time. Full of energy, the exhilaration of not knowing what was going to happen next made you feel invincible!

But most of all, despite your newly minted full-fledged adult status, you never wanted to really grow up. Because where’s the fun in that?

If you’re looking for some inspiration on your next gift purchase and want to capture that feeling, we have the perfect gift ideas that are sure to amuse and delight. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday present, a care package, or just because. Down below are 24 uniquely fun gifts for young adults.

Fun Gifts for Young Adults

Fast Sling Puck Fun Table Game

Fast Sling Puck Table Game

Adulthood Pen Set with funny sayings

Adulthood Pen Set

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Think Link fidget toy

Think Link Fidget Toy

DIY Dessert of the Month Subscription

DIY Dessert of the Month Subscription

Untitled Goose Game magnetic key holder, fun gift idea

Untitled Goose Game Magnetic Key Holder

Things They Don't Teach You in School Game

Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

Have Fun, Be Safe & Don't Do Stupid Shit keychain

Don’t Do Stupid Shit Keychain

cool planet neon sign wall art

Planet Galaxy Neon Sign

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Super hero cable protectors

Super Hero Cable Savers

Chicken Daddies 2023 calendar

Chicken Daddies 2023 Wall Calendar – Betty Clucker Edition

Cute Soup Dumpling Stress Ball

Cute Dumpling Stress Ball

Grow Your Own National Park Botanicals Kit

Grow Your Own National Park Botanicals Kit

mint water bear weighted microwaveable plush for hot and cold therapy

Weighted Plush Tardigrade Hot/Cold Therapeutic Companion

Break in case of emergency - fun/creative money holder gift

Break in Case of Emergency – Fun/Creative Money Holder Card

Adulting Merit Badge Mug

Adulting Merit Badge Mug

Personalized 3D Face and Pet Throw Pillows

Personalized 3D Throw Pillow

Microwave Panini Press Sandwich Maker

Microwave Panini Press Sandwich Maker

The office custom made funny character meme magnets

The Office Custom Meme Magnets

The All Seeing Lemon, realistic silicone lemon with human eye

The All Seeing Lemon

Game of Phones

Game of Phones

Hot Dog Soap

Hot Dog Soap

Custom D12 Foodie Dice

Custom D12 Foodie Dice


Young adults are generally defined as individuals in their late teens and early twenties, so that includes ages 18 – 25. Young adults are usually freshly graduated from high school, in college, or just starting their first job.

According to the CDC, you’re no longer considered a teenager at age 18, even though the number ends with “teen”. They define the teen years as being between the ages of 12 – 17.

But it really depends on who you ask. Others would say 19 is the age when you’ve graduated from teenagehood into adulthood.

Young adults who seem to have everything present a real challenge when it comes to gift shopping. Plus, some people are, plain and simple, just difficult to shop for. I totally get that.

So as someone who LOVES giving gifts, here’s the strategy I swear by:

I keep an ongoing note on my phone that contains gift ideas for all the important people in my life. So whenever a random gift idea pops into mind or when they mention something that interests them, I add it to the note. A stockpile of highly personalized ideas builds up over the course of a year, so by the time Christmas or a birthday rolls around, I’m uber prepared. Finding gifts they love has never been easier!

College students are in a transition period of young adulthood. They’re busy with school work and low on cash funds, so they have a higher need for everyday items we sometimes take for granted. What college students want for Christmas is usually a mix of practical things (like a gas card or socks) and fun/nice-to-have little luxuries they can’t afford on their own.

Here are some ideas that’ll help get you started:

Final thoughts on fun and funny gifts for young adults

So that wraps up this post on fun gifts for young adults. What’s the best fun gift you’ve received? Share in a comment below, plus any other ideas you think we missed!

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