18 Legitimately Funny Gifts for College Students

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Funny college student gifts

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Everyone loves to laugh–so there’s no better gift than a gift of laughter!

Not only that, but it’s often contagious. And there’s nothing better than laughing uncontrollably with loved ones and friends until your stomach aches.

In this post down below you’ll find 18 funny gifts for college students that are perfect for spreading cheer.

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Gag Gifts for College Students

1. UFO Cow Abduction

UFO Cow Abduction: Beam Up Your Bovine (With Light and Sound!) (RP Minis) View on Amazon

An out-of-this-world kit that’s perfect students who are sci-fi lovers!

The spaceship uses magnetic power to pick up the chosen specimen. It even comes with an entertaining little book about why aliens love abducting cows so much.

This UFO toy nails funny and cool at the same time.


2. Dammit Doll

Dammit Doll - Stress Relief Doll, 3 Pack

View on Amazon

A Dammit Doll (or two) is the perfect gag gift for college students!

But what is a Dammit Doll? The message stitched on the front of each doll explains it all:

Dammit Doll funny gift idea uses description

The giftee is sure to laugh at the absurdity of these stress relief tools!


3. Soft & Warm Giant Tortilla Blanket

CASOFU Burritos Tortilla Throw Blanket, Double Sided Giant Flour Novelty Throw for Your Family, 285 GSM Soft and Comfortable Flannel Taco Blanket.(Beige, 71 inches) View on Amazon

There’s nothing like the pleasant warmth from a freshly made tortilla. It’s so nice that you wish you could wrap yourself up in it.

Sadly, I have yet to come across a tortilla big enough to do that. But this blanket is the next best thing!

It’s cozy embrace will be welcomed with open arms and especially during the colder winter months.


4. Kevin Malone Broccoli Wall Clock

Kevin broccoli wall clock funny clock funny gift for fans of The Office tv seriesView on Etsy

Even though the series ended in 2013, The Office continues to be a favorite TV show with the younger crowd.

But for some individuals, it’s more than just something to watch–it’s a way of life. An obsession if you will.

If you know someone who lives and breathes “that’s what she said” – then this Kevin broccoli clock is must-have funny gift.


5. Judgmental Maps: Your City. Judged.

Judgmental Maps: Your City. Judged. View on Amazon

This hilarious book is full of city maps with no-holds-barred (though surprisingly accurate) opinions scattered throughout.

Many young adults attend college in a city different than the one they grew up in, so it’ll be fun for them to look up different locations. They can share the book with their roommates and friends for even more laughter!


6. Nose Warmer

crochet nose warmer, Adult nose warmer, funny gifts, gag stocking stuffer gift ideaView on Etsy

Coats, beanies, scarves, gloves–none of those winter gear items help when it comes to shielding your nose from the cold.

That’s where a handy-dandy and ultra fashionable nose warmer comes in. A college kid is sure to love this utilitarian, yet silly gift idea.


7. Custom Face Stickers

Custom Face Photo Stickers (0.75" x 8 Pieces) View on Amazon

You could get stickers of the giftee, mom, dad, grandparents, the family pet–the possibilities for these custom stickers are endless!

That’s what makes this idea so fun. Whichever route you choose to take, it’ll definitely be unexpected.


8. People of Walmart Coloring Book

People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity View on Amazon

Speaking of unexpected–

This adult coloring book featuring the Walmart’s stereotypical customer base is right up the same alley. But with a different flavor.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, too. Because with each page flip comes a fun, new surprise.

P.S. Don’t forget to grab some colored pencils to go along with!


9. Bob Ross Bobblehead

Bob Ross Bobblehead: With Sound! (RP Minis) View on Amazon

As the host of The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross had a delightful way of teaching viewers how to paint. It’s been decades since the program aired but it’s garnered a cult like following.

College age kids are big fans of the wholesome content and can’t get enough of his quirky catchphrases.

Which is why a Bob Ross Bobblehead is a fun and fabulous gift idea!


10. Pet Chicken Nugget

Chicken nugget Pet Nugget gift Chicken gift Chicken nugget lover Fast food lover comedy gift novelty gift cute gift desk top gift Funny giftView on Etsy

Remember when The Pet Rock was a thing?

A “pet” chicken nugget follows the same train of thought–it doesn’t need to be fed, walked, or groomed. Talk about low maintenance–it’s basically the perfect pet for a busy college student!

And if the student you’re shopping for isn’t that into chicken nuggets, you can check out more funny pet foods here.


11. Meme-tastic Car Air Freshener

Shocked Cat Meme Air Freshener

View on Etsy

Whether you get them or not, memes are here to stay.

I personally enjoy the shocked cat meme above, but there are LOTS of great meme air fresheners to choose from. Pick on that appeals to their sense of humor!

They’re sure to get a kick out of the air freshener every time they need to drive somewhere.

TIP: Try “stalking” the giftee’s Facebook or Instagram page if you have no idea which meme to choose.


Funny Gifts for College Guys

12. Personalized Fart Candle

Personalized Light When Name Farts Soy Candle - this one reads "light when Micheal farts" - funny college student gift for a guyView on Etsy

You know college guys (okay, most guys) are all about potty humor and fart jokes.

Indulge him with a personalized candle that he’ll have plenty of uses for! His roommates back at school will thank you.


13. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

A AIFAMY 3D Dad Beer Belly Fanny Pack Waist Pocket Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas, White Elephant Gift Exchange View on Amazon

Fashion is cyclical. Case and point–fanny packs (now sometimes called “waist bags”) are back in style.

This gag gift rolls with the fashion trends, but with it’s own hilarious twist. Just look at it! It’s so silly.

A beer belly fanny pack is obviously the perfect funny gift for any college guy.


14. Cargo Socks Box

Prank Pack Prank Gift Box, Cargo Socks, Wrap Your Real Present in a Funny Authentic Prank-O Gag Present Box | Novelty Gifting Box for Pranksters View on Amazon

So unfortunately, cargo socks are not a real thing (yet).

But this box is pretty dang convincing and you can use it to pull a prank on a college kid. Wrap your real gift in the joke box and try to keep a straight face as you watch their reaction.

Everyone in the room will be laughing as the bizarre situation unfolds!


15. Comfortable Fish Sandals

PANYUYI Creative Fish Slippers Man Funny Fish Sandals Men Beach Bass flip Flops Slides (Male 10-11) View on Amazon

Bass fish shaped sandals on the other hand, are very real.

And according to reviews, they’re quite comfortable. This is a gift any diehard fisherman or outdoorsman needs!


Funny Gifts for College Girls

16. Nicholas Cage Mermaid Pillow Cover

Merrycolor Mermaid Pillow Cover, Nicolas Cage Pillow Case Magic Reversible Sequin Pillow Cover Decorative Throw Cushion Case(E Nicolas Cage#2- Red Sequins) View on Amazon

Everyone knows Nick Cage drives the ladies wild–in an ironic way, of course!

This funny gift idea is sure to be a hit. Let her think it’s just a normal mermaid pillow and then encourage her to flip the sequin the other way for a instant laugh.


If the college girl you’re shopping for is a fan of The Office, you’ve gotta check out this Dwight Schrute mermaid pillow too!


17. Sherpa-Trimmed Critter Robe

Just Love 6316-Penguin-XS Critter Robe/Robes for Women View on Amazon

A robe in an invaluable college essential for students who are living in the dorms. Walking back to your room after a shower in just a towel isn’t ideal.

Give her an uber-cozy robe featuring one of her favorite critters and she’s sure to smile!


18. TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack View on Amazon

The last idea on this list is sure to confuse and delight.

This hair care product in disguise will make any college girl do a double take. Imagine the look on her face when she thinks you wrapped and gifted her with a squeeze tube of mayonnaise!

And to further convoluted things–the scent of this product is “vanilla.”


college girl laughing while holding a wrapped gift

Final thoughts on funny gift ideas for college students

So that concludes this post on funny college student gifts that will have everyone in the room laughing.

Have more ideas I can add to this list? Drop a comment below to let me know.




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Funny Gifts for College Students

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