37 Painfully Accurate, Yet Oh So Funny Graduation Caps

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All the best funny graduation cap ideas in one list

graduation cap funny ideas - smiling graduate girl

Did you know that on average less than 2/3 of students complete college in 6 years?

Which only adds to the fact that:

Graduating college is worth celebrating! It’s an accomplishment that you put in the time, blood, sweat, money and tears for, so you might as celebrate it in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Now if you’re a sarcastic type of person who likes to laugh –  a funny graduation cap is the route to go!

In this post are 37 humorous ideas that range from subtle to outright hilarious. You’re sure to find at least one that tickles your fancy.

I’ve included funny graduation quotes from movies and from TV shows (like The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). And of course, caps that are clever in their own special way.Whether you’re graduating this year or not: I hope that these pictures bring you some laughs!

In This Post:


37 Funny Graduation caps

Funny ideas for 2023 graduation caps that capture what college life is really like. Clever designs that’ll make you laugh…and cry.

funny graduation cap - graphic design student
Credit: @kmaeby on Instagram

When you’re a graphic design major with a minor in comedy.

This funny grad cap is so unique! The college grad who made it has gotta be going places in their career field.

funny caps - tina belcher
Credit: @thatmiagirl_ on Twitter

What can I say – Tina from Bob’s Burgers is a mood.

funny cap topper ideas - gap year
Credit: @hooked_on_needles on Instagram
graduation cap funny ideas - another gap year
Credit: @hooked_on_needles on Instagram

I’m definitely feeling this cap idea on a spiritual level.

College is exhausting, a gap year is a well-deserved break!

grad caps funny - better life cat
Credit: @cameron_thetabby on Instagram

For all you pet parents out there!

This design can work for any kind of pet – cat, dog, guinea pig, horse, cockatoo, etc.

funny cap decorations for graduation - guy fieri
Credit: @guyfieri on Twitter

When Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives if Life.

Out of all these funny grad cap ideas, this one may be my favorite. It’s just so off the wall!

funny graduation cap decorations - stack overflow
Credit: Reddit

Programming students will get the humor on this cap!

funny grad cap ideas - nap
Credit: @heather_rn_keto on Instagram

Naps – you can never get enough while pursuing a degree.

I think the glitter makes this design extra in the best of ways.

2019 funny graduation caps - stripping
Credit: Pinterest

A funny cap decoration for graduation that hits close to home.


Did you even go to college if you didn’t consider dropping out to strip at some point?

funny grad cap ideas - i don't always meme
Credit: Pinterest

Most don’t stick it out until the end, but a degree is a degree no matter how long it took.

And all the more better if you can poke fun at yourself about it with an idea like this.

funny ideas for graduation - calvin and hobbes
Credit: Reddit

Calvin and Hobbes are always classic!

This simple grad cap design is funny in the same way a gut punch is funny – it knocks the wind out of you.

funny cap ideas - lol bye
Credit: @st3phacuna on Twitter

Funny cap ideas don’t need to be complicated. This one is proof that you can keep it simple and still get laughs.

funny grad caps - cat lady
Credit: @bellabarcellona on Twitter

It’s really a shame that “Cat Lady” isn’t a career, but here we are.

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funny graduation caps 2019 - cardi b
Source unknown

Want to go a little more ris·qué with your cap?

Try this play on words!

funny graduation cap ideas - mom dad coffee
Credit: @ampupino on Instagram

Can’t forget the coffee, I don’t know where I’d be without it!

funny ideas for graduation caps - bob's burgers
Credit: Pinterest

Don’t ya hate it when people ask you this question?

graduation cap funny ideas - maury
Credit: Pinterest

Just the results I was hoping for, too!

funny grad caps - drake
Credit: @craftsbyq on Instagram

Grad caps – a funny idea for any Drake fans out there.

graduation cap decorations - thinking cat
Credit: Pinterest

If you love puns and cats, this may be the winning decoration idea for you!

funny ideas for graduation - did it for my cat
Credit: Pinterest

Anddddd: I have one more cat themed grad cap. This one is so well done!

Funny graduation quotes

funny graduation quotes - kelly the office
Credit: @jasagrace on Twitter

When it comes to funny graduation quotes, The Office is a gold mine.

Kelly Kapoor was just so quotable when she said this!

funny ideas grad cap - i declare bankruptcy
Credit: @soypumpkinlatte on Twitter

“You can’t just say the word ‘bankruptcy’ and expect anything to happen.”

funny grad caps - Dwight the office
Credit: @dundermifflinpaperco on Instagram

Bears, beets and bachelors degrees just go together.

funny graduation quotes - the office
Credit: Pinterest

Oh how I wish it was, though. Some horrible, horrible joke that I could look back on and laugh about later.

grad caps funny - Michael scott
Credit: @officeandrecreation on Instagram

Michael Scott has some many funny quotes for graduation caps.  Here are a few of many.

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funny ideas for graduation caps - may your hats fly
Credit: @General_Rickman on Twitter

Choice words for Scott’s Tots.

funny graduation cap decorations
Credit: Pinterest @k3llllysoccer13

When graduation day is finally near, it may not feel real!

funny quotes for graduation caps - IASIP
Credit: Reddit

It’s official, you don’t have donkey brains!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans can appreciate this funny graduation cap decoration.

funny graduation quotes - charlie what do now
Credit: Reddit

Someone’s asking the real questions here. Charlie’s got a lot of good, quality quotable dialog.

funny quotes for graduation caps - it's always sunny in Philadelphia
Credit: Reddit

Since we’re on a roll with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia funny quotes for graduation caps –

Here’s another one I love!

graduation cap funny ideas - game of thrones
Credit: Reddit

This cap decoration is a Game of Thrones quote that perfectly encapsulates the college experience.

funny graduation quotes - john mulaney
Credit: @maro254 on Twitter

This hat uses a John Mulaney quote and boy does it work!

grad caps funny - parks and recreation
Credit: @oaklandu on Instagram

Where would be without at least one Parks and Recreation inspired cap for this list?

Funny graduation quotes from movies

funny graduation quotes from movies - legally blonde
Credit: @therealdomenique on Instagram

One of the most iconic lines from Legally Blonde is definitely worth putting on your grad cap.

funny graduation movie quotes - it's a trap
Credit: Reddit

Star Wars references anyone?

movie quotes for graduation cap - mean girls
Credit: Pinterest

Mean Girls is a cult classic of our generation. It will never not be a funny idea for graduation caps.

funny graduation quotes from movies
Credit: Pinterest

Officially becoming a college graduate can feel surreal and this idea captures that feeling.


Final thoughts on funny grad caps…

Those were some best graduation cap funny ideas I found. Hopefully they got the creative juices flowing for you so you can start designing your own!

Which humorous college idea are you going to use?

Funny Graduation Caps 2023

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