Gift Guides

Gift ideas that college students and grads want to get.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a college student, these questions might be running through your mind:

What do you get a college graduate?

What do you put in a college care package?

What is an appropriate gift for college graduation?

Shopping for a college student can be a little tricky. Should you get them things you know they need (like basic necessities)?

Or should you get them things they want?

Whether you’re giving a gift for graduation, Christmas, a birthday or just because, shopping for a girl or boy:

I say it’s best to go with a little bit of each! Give something practical and something fun.

No broke college student is going to be unhappy with a gift of socks, a Walmart gift card, or hell, even groceries for the week! They’re struggling and basics are super appreciated.

But of course:

It’s always nice to receive something that’s been on your wish list. College students are simple people after all.

If you know the college student on a personal level then you’re sure to be on the right track with a gift. Shop for their interests and you can’t go wrong.

Right here you’ll find lots of ideas for college gifts to help you shop with confidence.