Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend: Spoil Him With This Idea

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Gifts for a long distance boyfriend that he’s basically guaranteed to love. This idea will have him thanking you for years to come.

long distance relationship boyfriend gift ideas

If you’re shopping for the perfect something, something to let your long distance boyfriend know how he much he means to you, look no further.

Because I have a gift idea to top all other gift ideas!

Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend

When you have a long distance relationship, I think it’s proof that what you’ve got is special. Because not many people are willing to put in the work that such a relationship entails.

As I’m sure you’re well aware of:

It’s no easy feat!

Yet even though hundreds of miles may separate the both of you, no makes you feel the way your significant other does. Real love knows no bounds and strong long distance relationships are a testament to that.


Being that far away from each other is simply difficult!

However, a thoughtful gesture here and there can make all the difference.

Sending your boyfriend a gift in the mail is a wonderful way to let him know that you’re thinking about him. For a holiday, his birthday, or just because – unexpected mail is always a welcome surprise!


When you two hit a big relationship milestone, sending a gift is a lovely way to signify his importance to you.

Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Personally, I know that:

I obsessed over choosing just the right gifts when I was dating my husband – and, I still do actually!

One of my main languages of love is giving gifts.

It’s a way I express my fondness for him and because of this I always put a lot of thought into it gift choices.

Overall though:

I think it’s just nice to give from the intentions of your heart. It always a good feeling knowing that the giftee truly enjoyed what I picked for them.

If you want to pay homage to the fact that your boyfriend is of huge significance in your life and you’re committed to loving him:

Then unique, wood watches make for a perfect gift choice, as they last a lifetime.

watch on wrist - gift boyfriend long distance

I was provided the timepiece featured above, courtesy of JORD, for testing and reviewing purposes. However, all the opinions expressed here are authentic – there are no paid endorsements. 

I recently gifted a unique, hand-crafted JORD watch to my husband, and let me tell you:

He will NOT shut up about it.

Since he’s received it he’s gone on and on about the details of it, showed it off to all his friends, and has looked for any opportunity to wear it.

The watch arrived in a wonderful wood box, complete with a little pillow that the wrist band was wrapped around.

JORD wood watch, men's

The box is an elegant presentation and it served to compliment the watch inside.

It’s more than just something pretty too look at though.

JORD wooden box

The box, plus a cleaning cloth and an applicator pen with a custom-formulated wood treatment gel, help keep the watch in optimal condition for years to come.

And, I kid you not:

Whenever my husband is not at his blue-collar job – such as when we go out for a nice dinner or just make a trip to the grocery store – the watch is on his wrist.

The gift couldn’t have pleased him more and honestly, I’m little worried about how I’m going to outdo myself in the future. ?

JORD men's wood watch conway - gifts for long distance relationship

Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriend
– This One’s a Home Run

My experience with his reaction to the present has convinced me that JORD wood watches make excellent gifts for men of all types.

My husband isn’t even a super fashion conscious guy and it just dazzled him. The uniqueness of it is so eye-catching – it’s a started many a conversation with admirers.

If you want to spoil, and simultaneously impress, the hell out your boyfriend:

I would add JORD timepieces to the top of your list of long distance relationship gift ideas. You can even get it engraved with a special little message for your sweetie at no extra cost.


His reaction will not let you down.

The pictured watch is the Kosso & Midnight Blue Conway from the JORD Men’s Collection.
Explore JORD Wood Watches for more elegant options.



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