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12 Inexpensive Graduation Gifts a High School Girl Will Actually Use

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High School Senior Gift Ideas for a Daughter, Sister, Niece, or Girlfriend

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Graduation season is coming up fast. Soon high school girls and guys will be crossing the stage to get their diplomas.

With the inevitable happening, there’s just one question to solve –

What do you get a high school graduate?

To help you with that:

I put together a list of inexpensive graduation gifts high school girls would love to recieve.

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excited high school senior girls with graduation caps

12 Graduation Gifts for a High School Girl

I say that a more practical route for gift giving is perfect when it comes to this occasion.

Celebrate the big day by picking a gift that will come in handy for the next big step life: college!

1. A Cute Bag for Impromptu Weekend Trips

Weekender Overnight Bag grad gift idea for her

Think of all the short, little trips your daughter or sister will take in college…

And how a weekend getaway bag won’t be on her dorm packing list.

A gift like this is perfect for a spontaneous high school girl who’s interested in traveling and adventure.

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2. A Guide for Making the Most of Her College Years

175+ things to do before you graduate college book cover

After high school comes a lot of new found freedom! While that can be exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming…

Instead of getting trapped in the myth that you need to (or even can) “do it all,” 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College helps students figure out what’s most important to them…and how to make it happen.

A guide for navigating college life and making the most out of the next four years is another graduation gift high school girls are sure to find useful.

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3. A Hydro Flask Water Bottle That Will Last for Years & Stickers to Decorate It

Hydro Flask - high school senior gift idea

Hydro Flask is the current trendy water bottle brand. Teens and college kids love ’em because there’s a lot to like!

For one:

Hydro Flasks keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Plus, they’re made out of extra durable pro-grade steel and come in a wide variety of colors.VSCO Stickers for Water Bottles - graduation gifts high school girl

Stickers are a popular way to decorate customize the look of it – especially with VSCO type girls.

Add those together and you’ve got an awesome inexpensive high school graduation gift idea.

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4. A Soothing Weighted Blanket That Feels Like a Hug

young woman looking to the right while draped with a pink weighted blanket

Moving away from home after high school can be a bit nerve wracking. There are more freedoms, but there are also more unknowns.

When a freshly graduated high school girl moves into her first dorm or apartment she might feel lonely and homesick. But a weighted blanket can help.

Using a weighted blanket feels similar to receiving a nice hug or being swaddled. Studies, along with anecdotal evidence, prove that they reduce anxiety and stress. This is because deep pressure stimulation has a calming effect.

At the very least, she’ll be able to get a better night’s sleep with a gift like this.

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5. Cool Lighting for Her College Room

Honeybee Fairy String Lights - graduation gift for high school girl example

Speaking of moving out:

This next idea will help your high school graduate decorate her future dorm room.

Dorms are often boring and blank. But with something as simple as string lights (which are REALLY popular with college girls), she can create the perfect atmosphere.

The soft lighting is a lot more appealing than irritating fluorescent lights.

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6. A Purse With a Built-In Phone Charger

high school graduation gifts for niece - Mighty Purse Phone Charging Wristlet, Almond Brown

When you’re a busy college student running around campus:

You just don’t have time to stay by an outlet long enough to get a decent charge!

Which is why a purse with a built in power bank comes in handy.

College-bound or not:

The slimline and lightweight 4000mAh battery is convenient to have for more than just school. This is a grad gift you can be sure she’ll get tons of use out of.

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7. A Journal to Help Her Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal

This next high school graduation gift idea for girls can help set her on the path to creating a more satisfying life. 

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude has many benefits. It has been scientifically proven to improve your psychological and physical health.

If you want to give something particularly thoughtful, a gratitude journal is the way to go.

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8. A Camera That Prints Instant Polaroid-Sized Pictures

KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

A high school girl likely has hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures on her phone.

But how many physical photos does she have?

Not many, if any. An instant print camera (like the KODAK one above) is unique gift she’ll enjoy again and again!

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9. Set Her Up for Success With a Personalized Academic Planner

academic planner with pink cover, koi fish, and flowers

Time management skills can be a real issue for college freshman. Help your new high school grad get a head start on good habits with a planner.

There are tons of options: from simple to colorful, to agendas that can plan EVERY aspect of each day.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with an Erin Condren planners. They’re a crowd favorite and you can customize the cover.

Shop Student Planners by Erin Condren

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10. A Sidekick to Keep Cords Tangle Free

The Side Kick Charger Cable Organizer - graduation gift for niece

Tangled cords are always a pain!


We now have neat gadgets to prevent that problem. Teen girls have more than a few cords to keep track of. So this gift idea will be a big help to her near daily.

The Sidekick is the perfect companion for Macbook, HP, and ASUS laptops with square chargers

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11. Ultra Soft Leggings With Pockets

Ankle Length Leggings with Pockets - high school grad gift ideas for girls

Every girl needs a good pair of leggings. They’re a wardrobe staple because they’re so versatile.

No teen girl would be disappointed to receive comfy, new leggings! This pair is Lululemon dupe for a fraction of the price. Reviewers are majorly impressed with the quality.

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12. A Bullet Journal + Pretty Pens

Dotted Bullet Notebook - high school graduation gift for niece idea

Bullet journaling is super popular right now – especially with girl students. It’s essentially a more freestyle version of a planner.

Does your high school grad enjoy drawing, being creative, or perfecting her handwriting?

If so:Zebra Pen Mildliners high school graduation gift example

A bullet journal is an inexpensive gift she’ll really appreciate. She’ll want colorful pens to write with, too.

Zebra Mildliners are known for being the best of the best in the BUJO community.

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How much money do you give for high school graduation in 2021?

The range of gift value can vary widely depending on your relationship with the graduate and what your means are. $20 – $100 is the typical amount given on average.

But keep in mind:

You’re not obligated to give anything just because you received an announcement. Gifts aren’t necessary, but they are always appreciated.


graduating college girl being kissed by parents on both sides

High school graduation gift ideas for girls conclusion

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  1. A lot of it I wouldn’t mind getting as gifts. Too bad I’m not graduating.
    My two younger twin sisters are graduating from high school this year. I hope that I will make them happy with my gifts. Thanks for the tips!

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