The 45 Absolute Best College Graduation Gifts for Him

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Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for Guys in the Class of 2024

graduating college guy with an excited look on face

Whether you’re shopping for a son, nephew, brother, boyfriend, or friend:

Graduation gift shopping for a guy can be a real head scratcher.

But there’s no need to fret. Because I rounded up a list of the best college graduation gifts for him.

No matter how big or small your budget is:

You’re sure to find a gift that’s perfect for the special graduating guy in your life. Here are 43 Pinterest worthy ideas that’ll get the job done and then some.

Useful Guy Graduation Gift Ideas

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Keepsake Graduation Gifts for Him

1. State License Plate Tray

new york license plate shaped into unique tray for holding wallet and other small items on a man's desk
SHOP: UniquePl8z on Etsy

Whether he went to school in his hometown or all the way on the other side of the country, he’s sure to appreciate a little reminder of his journey thus far.

A license plate tray is not only a unique gift for a graduate, but also a useful one.

He can use it as a catch-all tray for his wallet and keys, a business card holder, or even a candy dish for his workplace desk. These license plates are made to order, so you can pick the state he’ll love best!

2. College Town Drinkware

SHOP: WellTold on Etsy

A pint or rocks glass with a map of his college town makes wonderful keepsake graduation gifts for him.

The constant reminder will keep college memories fresh in his mind. He’ll always know the journey he took to get him where he is now and he’ll be sure to treasure this thoughtful graduation present for him.

3. Personalized Campus Map

college map print customized in shape of man in graduation cap
SHOP: Furrlio on Etsy

Kill two birds with one stone –

Give your grad a keepsake that also doubles as wall art. Because you know he doesn’t have much in the way of home decor.

From the map shape to the color and graduation date, you can personalize everything about this college/university campus print!

4. 3D College Campus Map

topographical map of college campus on frame
SHOP: Micropolitan on Etsy

And while we’re on the topic of maps, I had to include this 3D College Campus Map!

It’s so cool, and unlike anything, I’ve seen before. A young man doesn’t need to be a topography nerd to appreciate this kind of graduation gift. Talk about a guaranteed conversational piece to decorate his place!

5. Engraved Pocket Knife

engraved pocket knife and college plaque - graduation gift idea for son
SHOP: GiftWorks on Etsy

A custom engraved pocket knife is a top pick as a graduation gift for him because a pocket knife is something that always comes in handy!

The one pictured comes with a beautiful box which gives it an extra special touch. GiftWorks offers a nice selection of knife styles and keepsake wooden boxes so there’s something for every kind of guy.

A personalized knife is a useful gift that will remind him of all the hard work he put into getting his college degree.

6. Graduate Keepsake Library

Help the young man graduating college in your life transition from student to adult with this memory storage box

Graduating from college comes not only with a world of new possibilities but also with the responsibilities of professional adulthood. To make life easier for the new grad, why not get him an all-in-one organizing box where he can store all his important documents both logistically and sentimentally?

The Graduate Keepsake Library has sections and labels for all the important things – everything from diplomas and pictures to lease documents, receipts, and medical records. Give him a headstart on the less flashy, but oh-so-necessary parts of post-grad life with this perfect keepsake graduation gift for him.


College Graduation Gifts for Son

Here are some more ideas that’ll help answer the question of what to give a guy on graduation day.

7. Man in the Arena Engraved Plaque

Wood plaque engraved with quote from the Man in the arena speech by Theodore Roosevelt.
SHOP: WrittenInWood on Etsy

Words of wisdom are one the best graduation gifts for a son. Finding the right words isn’t always easy, but a perfectly crafted message can fill in when words fail you. This Engraved Plaque with Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena Quote is a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

“The Man in the Arena” is an inspirational message for college graduates to take risks and strive for greatness. This quote serves as a source of motivation for young men who are about to embark on their professional careers. It reminds them that success comes through hard work and determination. It also encourages him to take risks, think outside the box, and be brave enough to pursue his dreams even when he faces obstacles along the way. Roosevelt’s words remind us that it is not always easy to find success, but if we are willing to put in the effort, we can achieve our goals.

8. Lego Graduate Minifigure

male lego figure with graduation cap and gown, plus diploma in hand
SHOP: Daiyeahching on Etsy

Was your son a Lego fan when he was younger? Or maybe his love of Legos has endured as an interest over the years.

If so – this custom graduate minifigure (or this non-custom minifig from Amazon) is a no-brainer graduation gift for your son! It’s so cool and more than perfect for the occasion. You can even might the graduate minifig as a surprise topper on the cake at his grad party.

9. A Good Book to Boost His Career

Now that he’s secured his degree, the next step is landing a job and moving up the career ladder. Easier said than done. Especially when there isn’t exactly a clear cut road map to follow. That’s where the book KNOCK comes in.

This book is the networking guide fresh graduates need. Utilizing a proven five-step approach, author Rebecca Otis Leder reveals practical tips anyone can implement to build meaningful connections and grow their career.

If you want to give the gift of priceless wisdom, look no further. KNOCK will give him the building blocks to establish long-term success and inspire confidence in his own ability to navigate uncharted waters. Being armed with the right knowledge makes all the difference when you’re transitioning from academia to the working world!

10. A Luggage Set

Travelers Club Midtown Hardside 4-Piece Luggage Travel Set, Expandable, Black

View on Amazon

How many college students do you know that have luggage, much less a complete set?

Not many (if any), I’m sure.


Lots of college-age young adults do have aspirations to travel when things get back to normal. Which is why a nice luggage set is sure to delight.

11. A YETI Cooler

YETI Tundra Cooler great college grad gift for him

View on YETI

Is your son an outdoorsy kind of guy?

YETI coolers are sought after by hunters, campers, fishermen, and those who like to just get out of the city.

This type of gift is sure to get a WOW and a big hug.

12. Custom Docking Station

wooden desk organizer personalized for him with watch, phone charging, and tray for accessories
SHOP: UrartDesign on Etsy

If you want to give a useful graduation gift, a custom engraved docking station like this is the way to go.

It neatly stores his phone, keys, pens, watch, accessories, and more in one centralized location, such as on his nightstand or desk at work. You can imagine how often men find this comes in handy!

The wood and personalization engraving makes it all the more unique. It’s very visually pleasing and masculine all at the same time.

13. An Instant Pot

Instant Pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker

View on Amazon

What could be better than the gift of something that can make dinner at lightning speed?

When you have an Instant Pot, cooking is a lot less work. It takes hardly any cooking skills to operate it. That can encourage guys to spend more time eating in instead of eating out. This is hugely helpful when you’re fresh out of college and still need to stick to a tight budget.

14. Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Tile tracker combo pack - example of grad gift idea for college guyShop Tile Trackers

Everyone has misplaced a wallet, phone, or keys at some point.

Which is why:

Tile Bluetooth trackers are a useful gift for a new grad. He can keep track of just about anything (like luggage, laptop, backpack, or even his car) with these versatile little devices.

15. Guiding Compass Bracelet

Adjustable male bracelet made of stainless steel features real working compass

View on Uncommon Goods

I LOVE the meaning behind this gift idea – “with a compass at hand, you’ll always find your true north.”

Your son has made it to graduation day by following his dreams. Now you can encourage him further to continue staying true to himself with this meaningful guiding compass bracelet. The compass really works!

16. KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield KSM150PS, Matte Black

View on Amazon

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy the process of making a good home-cooked meal – plenty of men love it too! A KitchenAid mixer is one of the top university graduation gifts for him because it’s more than just a mixer. I like to think of it as the swiss army knife of cooking. Because with over 15 attachment options, it’s the ultimate all-in-one cooking tool!

Attachments include an ice cream maker, juicer, meat grinder, pasta roller, vegetable spiralizer, and more. So whatever his preferred cuisine is, he’s bound to find so many uses for a KitchenAid stand mixer.

The gift of one will be a serious upgrade for any new grad’s kitchen. The best part is that it will last him for LIFE. The KitchenAid Artisan Series is a particularly good pick as it’s more ergonomic and durable than the Classic line.

17. A Box of Inspiration

wooden box with encouraging quotes for college graduates rolled into scrolls
SHOP: FlirtyCreations on Etsy

View on Etsy

Many young men highly value experiences over things.

A thoughtful graduation gift for your son is a box full of inspiration. Inside are 22 scrolls with motivational quotes. Each burst of inspiration is like a unique emotional experience that feeds his soul.

Any time he needs a little encouragement, he can reach for the box and think of you.


Graduation Gifts for Brother

Here are some cool grad gifts for your brother!

18. A Sweet Man Crate

gift basket for him that includes 4 personalized pint glasses, 6 styles of beer coasters, traditional pub mix snacks and more
SHOP: Personalized Barware Crate

View Man Crates

As the name implies, Man Crates are gift baskets made for men. With curated pub style snacks and personalized pint glasses, there’s a lot for a guy graduating college to love.

Not to mention, sharing a cold one with your brother is a timeless way to celebrate big life moments.

19. National Parks Scratch Off Poster

unique college graduation gift idea for brother - scratch off National Parks poster
SHOP: KristinDouglasART on Etsy

View on Etsy

A poster with 63 US National Parks is a unique idea that keeps on giving. Because he can scratch off each park as he visits them and display his travels as cool wall art.

It’s perfect for guys who love the great outdoors!

You can personalize it by writing memories and dates next to the parks you’ve already visited together.

20. Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Siphonless 1 gallon craft beer making starter kit

View on Amazon

If beer is a passion of his:

He’d probably enjoy learning how to brew a batch, too.

You could even use a Brewing Kit together as an opportunity for some extra, post-college quality bonding time.

21. Twist & Eat Burrito Holder

colorful gadget that keeps burrito warm

View on Uncommon Goods

Does your brother the kind of guy that’s hard to shop for?

If enjoys a good burrito, this may be the grad gift for him!

With its easy-to-use design and durable construction, the Twist & Eat Burrito Holder makes a uniquely fun graduation gift. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter – when your brother shows off his new burrito holder, he’ll be sure to impress all of his friends.

22. Cocktail Ouija Board

Let the spirits pick your evening cocktail with this spooky board.

View on Uncommon Goods

Hey, what can I say – booze-based graduation gifts are popular for a reason. The Spirit Summoner: Cocktail Conjurer is a unique college graduation present your brother is sure to love. Whenever he can’t decide what to drink, he’ll have a fun way to guide his decision.

And as one reviewer put it, “between seances, it makes for fantastic home decor.”

23. A Supercar Experience

example of graduation gift for brother - fast car expeerience

I’m pretty sure this idea would make you brother of the year.

What guy would turn down the chance to drive a supercar?

None that I know. You can book a Supercar experience where he can let loose around a race track, or you can use Turo to rent someone’s personal car to drive wherever.

Either way:

It’s a completely unique graduation gift that he’ll never forget.


College Graduation Gifts for Boyfriend

Here are some excellent college graduation gifts for your boyfriend. These ideas will help express how proud you are of him!

After all, your significant other is special, and he deserves the recognition.

24. Personalized Controller and Headphone Stand

Wooden Controller Stand organizing boyfriend's gaming headphones and accessories
SHOP: SedarWood on Etsy

View on Etsy

If your boyfriend enjoys gaming, he’ll be OBSESSED with this gift idea – a Personalized PS5/Xbox Controller and Headphone Stand! It’s practical as all get-out and surely a big upgrade to however he currently keeps his console accessories organized.

This is something you don’t think you need until you have it. Celebrate your special guy’s accomplishment with this unique and sophisticated present. It’s an amazing graduation gift for your boyfriend that he’ll definitely use and appreciate!

25. Stylish Accessories Gift Box

mens accessories gift box for young professional graduating college with tie, watch, sunglasses and more
SHOP: GratefulGadgets on Etsy

View on Etsy

Outfit accessories are an idea for the fashion (or even not so) conscious guy in your life.


example of graduation gift for boyfriend college
SHOP: GratefulGadgets on Etsy

Stylish new pieces can do wonders for boosting self-confidence. Something which is much needed when starting his post-grad career.

This graduation gift set is a great way to treat your boyfriend to uniquely classy vibes on his big day.

26. 100 Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Book

interactive bucket list book for him with 100 movies to watch and rate

View on Uncommon Goods

If your boyfriend is a movie buff, he’s sure to love this Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Book!

You can work your wall through the book together watching all 100 movies. Each movie has its own spread with space to add photos or ticket stubs, a notes section, and stars to give the film his own rating.

27. Massage or Spa Day Certificate

college guy enjoying the gift of massage

View on Groupon

After all that work:

Some pampering is in order! Now is the time to relax and take a load off his shoulders. A massage or a spa day is the perfect grad gift to help him unwind.

TIP: If you know he tends to prefer deep tissue massage over Swedish-style massages, book him one at a chiropractic office instead of a spa. That’s the best way to find a massage therapist who specializes in therapeutic modalities like deep tissue massage.

28. Custom Love Letter Cuff Links

letter shaped men's cufflinks with custom message inside

View on Uncommon Goods

If you want to give a more sentimental gift:

You could go with these meaningful custom love letter cufflinks. You can include any saying that will make him feel loved and special! This is such a sweet boyfriend graduation gift, it’s like he’ll have a little piece of you to remind him of your love and support throughout the day.

29. Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Amazon Kindle paperwhite

View on Amazon

Kindles make accessing any book you’ve ever wanted to read easier than ever. There’s no need for him to lug around heavy books or have an overloaded bookshelf when he has one of these bad boys.

Boyfriends who are avid readers can delight in all the practicality one has to offer. Kindles are a convenient way to consume books on the regular.

And if he already has one – a Kindle Unlimited Membership is an excellent gift idea to feed his reading habit.


Masters Graduation Gifts for Him

Finishing grad school is a huge accomplishment. It’s definitely a big deal!

Master’s programs aren’t only just difficult:

They also require many years of study, commitment, and dedication. Life moments like this don’t come around often, which is why a different type of present can feel more appropriate.

So here are some master’s graduation gift ideas for him.

It’s all stuff that the grad himself can’t quite afford to splurge on yet. But boy, would he love to have it!

30. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

View on Amazon

Obtaining his degree has been a long path, and I’m sure his current pair of earbuds have seen plenty of use.

You can’t go wrong by gifting him with a new top-quality pair. And a pair that allows him to be free of the confines of wires would be even better.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds are a top choice. They’re compatible with iOs and Android.

31. Custom Bobblehead

personalized bobblehead that looks exactly like man in graduation gown and robes
SHOP: MyBobbleheadsShop on Etsy

View on Etsy

This masters grad gift idea will impress and surprise him in the best of ways. Memorialize his accomplishment in a fun, yet impactful way by getting him a Custom Made Bobblehead!

The details are SO good on these bobbleheads, he’ll be blown away by the accuracy of the likeness. He can display at his apartment to show off to friends or at work, where all his coworkers will be green with envy.

32. Philips Electric Razor

Philips Norelco shaver rechargeable electric shaver

View on Amazon

First, you finish graduate school. The next step is entering the workforce.

And with job hunting comes interviews.

He’s going to want to look his best to land his dream job. So a nice electric razor is a logical gift choice. It’ll really help him keep up with his personal grooming.

This Philips Norelco Shaver has great reviews.

33. Personalized Leather Portfolio

letter-size leather document holder and accessory organizer for men
SHOP: CKRLeather on Etsy

View on Etsy

A personalized leather portfolio is the perfect way to show your appreciation for his hard work and dedication he put into his academics.

Not only is it rugged and stylish, but it also reflects his professional accomplishment and career aspirations. With its sleek design, quality materials, and personalization options, an engraved leather portfolio makes an ideal gift for any master’s degree graduate. It’s a timeless reminder of his hard work and dedication that will last for years to come.

34. Premium Shun Knife Set

6 Piece slim knife block set

View on Amazon

There are some things you only need to purchase once in a lifetime if you choose the right brand.

A graduation gift for him that he’ll never forget is a knife set of exceptional quality, like this Shun Classic Set. It’ll deliver fond memories of completing his master’s for years to come.

Chef or not, it’ll get near daily use.

The difference between a premium knife and every other is so stark that once he has one, he’ll never want to use anything else.

35. A Timeless Classic Citizen Watch

Corso men's watch, stainless steel

View on Amazon

Nothing quite says timeless quite like a stylish men’s watch.

A master’s degree graduation certainly calls for something with an air of classiness. And a Citizen timepiece fits that bill.

Your grad is sure to be obsessed with it.  In fact, it’ll most likely be glued to his wrist for quite some time!


Inexpensive Graduation Gift for Guy

Need some graduation gift ideas for friends and don’t really want to go all out? Or maybe you’re just not looking to spend a ton?

Save your budget and still impress with these cheap ideas that boys will like.

36. Graduation Year Penny Keychain

cheap graduation gifts example

View on Etsy

A personalized keychain with his graduation year is unique, and while it’s inexpensive, it’s also not chintzy.

This Graduation Year Penny is slick and understated. I think the simplicity of it makes it more likely to actually be used by a guy – instead of collecting dust in a box.

This gift can serve as a nice little reminder of his college years every time he gets a glimpse of it hanging from his keys.

37. A Pair of the Best Socks Ever

young man wearing comfortable soft grey socks with colorful hand around foot
SHOP: Men’s Sunset Stripe Calf Socks in Navy

View on Bombas

The general consensus is that the older you get, the happier you are with receiving socks as gifts. And let’s be honest, his socks are probably full of holes and on their last leg. By the time graduation rolls around, most college guys are in desperate need of wardrobe essentials.

Upgrade his life with a pair of awesome Bombas socks! The right socks make a huge difference in foot comfort, and let me assure you, these are the right socks. I love giving Bombas as gifts because they’re more than just socks, they’re life-changing. He’ll wonder how he ever survived wearing any other socks. Plus, the endless number of colors and patterns makes picking the perfect pair easier than ever. Give your special guy the gift of foot-heaven with Bombas!

38. Pikachu Graduation Card

shiny custom graduating Pokemon card with Pikachu in graduation cap and gown holding 2023 diploma
SHOP: ArtsypartyDesign on Etsy

View on Etsy

Pokémon has been around for nearly 30 years, and it’s garnered a massive fan base. Many young men graduating college have fond memories of playing Pokemon games during childhood. And many still enjoy playing modern games from the franchise, such as Pokémon Go and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch.

If you know he loves Pokémon this Pikachu Graduation Card is one of the greatest graduation gifts you can give him! He’ll think it’s the coolest thing ever, especially if you opt for a holographic card. Avid collectors are all about those holo cards (shiny cards > than non-shiny cards).

While Pikachu is the ultimate classic Pokémon creature, there are a few more graduation card variations worth checking out here – you could even get a custom Pokemon card with a picture of the graduate himself!

39. Adulting Merit Badge Mug

A cheeky mug to celebrate a young man who’s really mastered the whole “adulthood” thing and graduated from college

View on Uncommon Goods

Know the guy you’re shopping for has a good sense of humor?

Don’t overthink picking a grad gift for him! Adulthood isn’t exactly a piece of cake. The work and self-maintenance that goes into being a functional member of society is never-ending. Not to mention graduating from college. Any guy will get a kick out of this funny adulting merit badge mug. Not to mention, drinkware is always useful.

40. Starter Tool Kit

leather pouch with essential tools for a college graduate

When you don’t have a lot of money to spare:

Simple things like owning a tool kit go by the wayside. That’s why a handy fix-it kit with all the basic essentials is a great graduation gift idea for him. Sooner or later, he’s bound to find a use for it! And when he does, he’ll be thanking his lucky stars you were looking out for him.

41. A Puntastic Shirt

heather navy tshirt with the words "the gradalorian"

View on Etsy

A cool t-shirt always hits the mark with college grads. Because hey – free clothing!

This Gradalorian t-shirt is perfect if you know he’s a fan of the Mandalorian series and Star Wars. As far as graduation gifts for guys go, this one is honestly pretty cool. It’s sure to be in heavy rotation for his casual everyday wardrobe.

42. Cast Iron Skillet

12.5 Inch pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

View on Amazon

Chances are that the man you’re shopping for doesn’t really have much in the way of cooking tools. He is finishing up being a college student after all.

Instead of gifting a whole cookware set that’s way over your budget:

You can choose one item that has a variety of uses. Such as a trusty cast-iron skillet! They even come in a variety of colors now.

Cast iron skillets have a raving fan base. Which is due to their durability and the fact that one can easily last a lifetime of use. Practical graduation presents for him like this are a guaranteed win.


Last Minute Graduation Gifts for Him

Sometimes you just need to get a present quickly.

We’ve all been guilty of waiting until the last second to shop at one point in our lives.

Down below, you’ll find some suggestions for last-minute graduation gifts that aren’t just cash or gift cards.

43. Amazon Prime Membership

guy graduation gift example - amazon prime
View on Amazon

eGifts make great last minute graduation gift ideas. Because you don’t have to wait for anything to be delivered. You can literally buy this gift at his graduation ceremony if you need to.


I don’t know anyone who would be disappointed with receiving a year’s membership to Amazon Prime. It has lots of great benefits besides free shipping – like ad-free music and tv show streaming.

44. Graduation Dough

miniature pizza box for holding gift of money for guy graduating college
SHOP: Ashaty on Etsy

View on Etsy

How a-DOUGH-able is this idea??

Now that college is over, it’s time to start “adulting.” And that includes living on your own and paying bills. No graduating college guy is going to complain about the gift of money, no matter the amount!

Make it a little more interesting with this downloadable Mini Pizza Box Money Holder customized to say “Graduation Dough”! It’s as easy as printing and folding, making it perfect for when you need a graduation gift for him at the last minute.

45. Stylish Leather Laptop Bag

18 inch vintage handmade leather laptop bag

View on Amazon

A laptop bag combo will help him transition into the professional workforce as a new graduate.

It’s great for both work and travel!

You can find one like this at a local department store if you’re super short on time.




What is the Best Gift for Graduation?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal, catch-all “best” graduation gift for everyone. What might WOW one guy can be kind of underwhelming for another. It really depends on the giftee! Considering the recipient’s interests, hobbies, career field, and lifestyle is a good place to start your brainstorming process.

But with grad gifts, ideally…

The present would be a combination of two things:

1 – It’s something that celebrates his hard work.
2 – It’s something that also brings more joy into his life.

A gift for graduation can be a little gift of luxury for his transition into the “real world”. He’ll be leaving behind his broke college student days to go out into the world as a young, educated professional. Putting yourself in his shoes and thinking about what you needed or wanted when you were the same age can help you with your decision.

Now, of course, simply asking him what he wants can take the mystery out of the whole gift-giving process. But many times the answer is, “I don’t know.” Which is less than helpful…

So, if you aren’t super close with the soon to be college graduate:

You can always ask someone who knows him really well for ideas. You could even take a look at his social media accounts to get a better idea of his current interests. The New York Times has some more advice when it comes to selecting a great gift.

How much is an appropriate college graduation gift?

Is there an amount that’s typical of graduation gifts from parents, relatives, or friends?

The short answer is – no. There’s actually no certain amount that you are expected to, or need, to spend.

However, if you want a ballpark for a general range: $115 was the average amount spent in 2022, according to NRF’s annual survey. This article gives a wider range for the common gift-giving value, putting it somewhere between $20 – $500. What it boils down to is how strong your relationship is with the graduate and how much you can afford to give.

In the end:

When you’re trying to pinpoint the best graduation gift for a boy, simply being thoughtful when making your selection is the most important aspect. Adding a personal touch, such as a handwritten note instead of a generic card, can make a world of difference.

Now you might have another question about what’s expected or not expected at college graduation, particularly –

Do you give boys flowers at graduation?

Quick answer – no. Or at least, it’s not traditional to so.

Which is not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t! In fact, if you know for certain that he loves flowers – I say go for it.

But, for the majority…

Even though giving flowers to girls at commencements is customary, giving flowers to men is not. It may even cause some confusion. It’s not that all guys hate receiving bouquets, but usually, they just don’t know what to do with them.


An appropriate alternative would be a Graduation Lei. They’re popular with both graduating men and women. Graduation leis are a festive decoration to add over graduation robes before or after the ceremony, they’re super cool!


college guy in graduation cap and gown with his arms up while his mom is hugging him and laughing

Final thoughts on graduation gifts for guys…

So that wraps up this post on the best graduation gifts for men. Whatever type of present you end up choosing:

Just remember that expressing how proud you are of him is the most important part. He may not remember what the college graduation gifts for him were in 20 years time, but he will remember how he felt.

So aim to make him feel loved and supported, and you’ll ultimately get it right!


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