three colorful halloween masks: a vampire, a witch and a squirrel

Halloween Costumes for College Guys: 40 Game-Changing Ideas

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College Halloween costumes guys can rock this year

In today’s post I rounded up all the coolest Halloween costumes for college guys.

three colorful halloween masks: a vampire, a witch and a squirrel

Even though college girl Halloween outfits tend to get more attention on this Spooktacular day…

Dudes love brainstorming clever ideas and dressing up just as much (if not more) than their female counterparts.

As a college student, Halloween is an event you look forward to all year.

Dressing up, going to parties, and having fun with friends–what’s not to love about All Hallows’ Eve?

To help you pick out something kickass to wear:

I put together a list of 40 Halloween costumes for college guys. Below are some of the best ideas to copy this year.

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Best College Halloween Costumes for Guys

First up on this list are the most impressive college Halloween costumes ideas.

If you have the time and want to go all out, you can’t go wrong with recreating one of these amazing examples.

1. Inflatable Dinosaur Suit

guy in dinosaur Halloween costume
Via Twitter @DoubleBeam

I’m sure you’ve seen the popular inflatable T-Rex costume running around.

But a Diplodocus suit? Nah–now that’s a little more creative.

Morphsuits Morph Kids Skeleton Diplodocus Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Jurassic Giant - One Size (MCKGIDIS)

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2. Max from Where The Wild Things Are

college guy dressed at Max from Where The Wild Things Are
Via Twitter @Advil

This nostalgic Where the Wild Things Are idea is easily a top choice for college guys.

I don’t see how being a Wolf King for Halloween isn’t badass.

Where The Wild Things are Max Wolf Adult Costume (Adult Medium) Tan

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Alexander Del Rossa Men's Warm Fleece One Piece Footed Pajamas, Adult Onesie with Hood, Medium Vintage Heathered Light Gray (A0320HGRMD)

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Creative Converting Mini Crowns - Gold (Value 18-Pack)

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3. Creative Portal Halloween Costume

two men with glowing hula hoops
Via Imgur

This Portal inspired costume idea is genius.

It also gets points for being easy to DIY with a friend. Now you just have to decide who’s going to be which half.

XINKAITE Waterproof Led Strip Lights SMD 3528 16.4 Ft (5M) 300leds 60leds/m White Flexible Tape Lighting Tape Lights for Boats, Bathroom,Mirror,Ceiling and Outdoor, Power Supply not Included (Orange)

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Full Bodysuit Unisex Spandex Stretch Adult Costume Zentai Disappearing Man Body Suit (Medium, Black)

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4. Skeletor (from the 80’s show, He-Man)

Skeletor Halloween costume idea
Via Instagram @joshua.vroo

Everyone knows there’s nothing cooler than a bad boy.

And Skeletor is the ultimate bad boy.

Smiffys Women's Fever Skeleton Costume, Dress and Gloves, Halloween, Fever, Size 6-8, 34192 Blue

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Rubie's Costume Deluxe Overhead Skull Mask,Tan, One Size

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5. Giant Whoopie Cushion

guy wearing a whoopee cushion for Halloween
Via Instagram @monsieur_weirdo

This costume is an easy segue into all those fart jokes you have up your sleeve.

Smiffys Whoopie Cushion Costume

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6. Exposed Anatomy

bodypaint on guy to make it look like has has no skin on one half
Via Instagram @alltea_allshading

Love being shirtless?

This Halloween costume idea is the perfect excuse to flaunt your bod.

Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Water Based Face & Body Paint (1 oz) (RED)

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Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Water Based Face & Body Paint (1 oz) (White)

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7. Dwight from the Office

couple dressed as Dwight & Angela
Via Instagram @kingdewey_thepersian

The Office is still relevant which is why dressing up as Dwight is a great choice.

If you have an Angela to go with you – even better.

WITZROYS Men's Classic Brown and Gold Stripe Jacquard Woven Necktie Wedding Dress Suit Neck tie Regular size + Gift box

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Outray Classic Aviator Metal Frame Clear Lens Glasses 2167c2 Gold

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8. Pointing Spiderman

two guys dressed as spiderman pointing at each other
Via Twitter @TerrenceJCruz

Look no further for an easy idea to coordinate with your best friend.

Unisex Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Into The Spideverse Cosplay Costumes Suit Adult/Kids 3D Style (Adults-XXL Blue

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9. Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri Halloween costume
Via Twitter @DaniCim

This look will have all the ladies asking you to take them to Flavor Town.

Polarized Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses for Men Women - UV400 Running Cycling Fishing Driving Sun Glasses

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10. Rod Kimble from Hot Rod

man in jumpsuit with a cape on a scooter
Via Instagram @byoncep

The perfect choice for all the college guys who like to party.

P.S. Here’s how you can DIY this Hot Rod costume (if you’re feeling crafty).

Superfly 48" Adult Superhero Cape (Yellow)

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Red Kap Men's Speedsuit, Navy, Long Large

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Suddora Sweatband/Headband - Terry Cloth Athletic Basketball Head Sweat Bands (Red)

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11. McLovin

College guy wearing a McLovin costume for Halloween
Via VSCO @ryanheroux

Speaking of parties:

Don’t forget to bring your I.D. so everyone knows you’re old enough to party.

HISDERN Men's Suit Vest Business Formal Dress Waistcoat Vest with 3 Pockets for Suit or Tuxedo

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Signs 4 Fun NMLID McLovin Id License's Driver's License

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12. Oscar the Party Animal

dude in an amazing DIY Oscar Halloween costume

This crazy good idea is easily one of the best college Halloween costumes for guys. Oscar even moves in the trash can.

It’s creative, funny, and you can be sure that no one else will be wearing it.

Video: Oscar the Grouch Costume for Guys

YouTube video

Copy the idea with these step-by-step instructions.


13. Wes Anderson Halloween Costumes

two guys in Wes Anderson character Halloween costumes
Via VSCO @nathanschiro

Wes Anderson movie buffs will understand the look these two college guys were going for.


14. Van Gogh

guy in a Van Gogh costume
Via Imgur

If you already have a red hair and beard, a Van Gogh costume is a shoo-in.

Video: How to Be Van Gogh for Halloween

YouTube video


Easy Halloween Costumes for Guys

Fun ideas to go with when the path of least resistance is the one you want to take.

15. Charlie Brown

charlie brown's face drawn on bald man's head, he's wearing a yellow shirt
Via Twitter @SupportUofM

Some men lose their hair earlier in life than others.

Take advantage of it by using this idea!


16. Clark Kent

guy showing off super man suit under unbuttoned shirt
Via Imgur

You probably already own a suit of some kind, so all you really need is the Superman tee and some glasses.

T-Shirt - Superman - Classic Logo, Blue, X-Large

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Mens Big Boy Solid Cherry Red Tie with White Pin Dot Summer Woven Formal Necktie

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Skeleteen Retro Nerd Costume Glasses - Oversized Black Hipster Eyeglasses with Clear Lenses - 1 Pair

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17. Jake from State Farm

man wearing a red shirt, name tag and slacks while on the phone
Via Instagram @603_tacoma

A red shirt of any kind will work for this easy college Halloween costume idea.


18. Baseball Player

guy dressed as a baseball MVP
Via Instagram @beau__pearson

Got a friend who plays baseball?

Borrow their uniform for the night to save money on this look.


19. Math Nerd

man dressed as a nerd for Halloween
Via Instagram @dommi__salami

Get ready to hear a lot of bad jokes if you go as a nerd for Halloween.


20. DIY Ghostbusters

group of guys in easy Ghost Buster's costumes
Via Twitter @handslikehouses

A simple way for you and the boys to show that you’re all part of the same crew.

Get a printable Ghostbusters logo here.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys in College

Let’s be real:

Procrastinating is wayyyy too easy.

Just because you didn’t plan ahead doesn’t mean you can’t dress up, though.

These clever college Halloween costume ideas have your back. Because they can be slapped together in no time at all.

21. Mean Girls Homage

guy wearing a hoodie and a sign "she doesn't even go here"
Via Instagram @ttocs330

You can literally throw together this look in minutes, score!


22. Sticky Notes Everywhere

guy covered in pink sticky notes
Via Instagram @erikbergrin

Just put sticky notes all over your body and call it good.


23. Freddie Mercury Halloween Costume

Guy in a last-minute Freddy Mercury Halloween costume
Via Reddit u/oligarchyoligarchy

Kill two birds with one stone:

Get a head start on No Shave November and look cool on Halloween.


24. Lonely Island Throwback

shirtless guy wearing a sign saying he came in his pants
Via Instagram @scott.haro

I think this has to be my favorite last minute Halloween costume for guys.

The Lonely Island video still holds up 10+ years later.


25. DIY DoodleBob

DIY doodle bob Halloween costume
Via Twitter @haileyrbrookes



26. Jeff Spicoli

college guy with bagel in front of pants
Via Instagram @chest_rockwell_jr

Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans can appreciate the bagel in the pants look.


27. John Cusack in Say Anything

guy in a trench coat holding a cardboard boom box
Via Instagram @matthewxbacchus

Guys in college can replicate an iconic movie moment with minimal efforts. Nail the look with a trench coat and the help of a cardboard box!

Last Minute Costumes for Guys With Beards

Amazing Halloween ideas with absolutely no shaving required.

28. The Dude

cguy in blue bathrobe, flip flops, holding a carton of milk
Via Twitter @TheNicksterDA
man with shoulder length hair and a beard dressed at the dude for halloween
Via Twitter @TheNicksterDA

“I’m not Mr. Lebowski. You’re Mr. Lebowski.

I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me.”

This costume is 100% cool.

The Dude Bathrobe The Big Lebowski Costume Men's Robe Large Brown

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Big Lebowski Adult The Dude Wig and Beard Kit Standard

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29. Alan Garner from The Hangover

man with beard and sunglasses, baby doll strapped to chest
Via Pinterest

Embrace your eccentric side and your facial hair by using this last minute Halloween costume for guys.


30. Drake

The beauty of this Halloween costume:

You only need jeans and a striped tee to go with your bangin’ beard. Get tips on how to style your beard like Drake here.


31. Marathon Runner Forrest Gump

guy dressed in red running shorts and a yellow shirt
Via Instagram @schmal_world

An idea for the college guys who just felt like letting their beard grow out.

Muscle Alive Men's Running Shorts 1" Elite Split with Side Mesh Panel Color Red Size M

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Unisex-Adult One Size Embroidered Distressed Cap Red

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32. Lumberjack

lumberjack costume idea for college guys on halloween
Via Twitter @PeachJames_

“There’s like 7 costumes you can pull off with a beard.”

So you might as well face the facts:

Lumberjacks will always be perfect last minute costumes for men with beards.


33. Aquaman

beared guy with aquaman costume
Via Twitter @thewaynegarner

Most superheroes are clean shaven:

But Aquaman is one you can rock with hair on your face.


Funny Halloween Costumes for College Guys

Do you want to really let your sarcastic side shine?

Try one of these college Halloween costume ideas. They’re witty as hell.

34. Woman Bent Over Squinting Meme

guy bent over squinting mimicking woman
Via Instagram @jeffstagramm

The hardest part of putting together this costume might be finding heels in the right size.

Michel Women's Casual Work Solid Color Knit Blazer Jacket Rose M

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35. Ron Swanson

guy dressed as Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec
Via Reddit u/KaleYeah87

Make sure to get all the bacon and eggs you can while dressed like Ron.


36. Russell, the Kid from UP

russel from UP guy costume for halloween
Via Twitter @@UCMCareer

Don’t be afraid to let everyone know what your favorite Pixar movie is.

Recreate this idea with a DIY sash and a DIY ascot.


37. How do you do, fellow kids?

guy with a backwards hat and skateboard
Via Twitter @realRUSTYCAGE

This idea will help you seamlessly blend in with the cool crowd at college parties.

Bonus points if you can do any sick skateboard tricks.


38. The Royal Baby

man dressed at the royal baby
Via Reddit u/TheRealFreshy

Prince William’s kids are a little bit older now…

Update the idea by using Prince Harry’s face instead!


39. Old Greg

guy wearing a lot of green and a pink tutu
Via Imgur

One of the more obscure but still funny Halloween costumes for guys in college is Old Greg.

If you know, you know….I’ll just leave it at that.


40. Awaken With JP Costume

man wearing pink animal print leggings, purple shirt, flower head band
Via Instagram @adampearceofficial

Halloween is the time to get ultra spiritual and bring your enlightenment to a whole new level.

Gift For Woke Men Or Women - Woke AF T-Shirt

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Final Thoughts on College Halloween Costumes for Guys

So those are our top 40 picks for coolest costumes for college guys to wear in 2021.

Many have been around for years and I expect them to continue to popular for years to come. They’re favorites for a reason, after all!


Related Halloween ideas:


top 40 coolest halloween costumes for guys, vampire mask

Game-Changing College Halloween Costumes for Guys

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