How to Make Your Own Online Quiz & Generate TONS of New Leads

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How to Make Your Own Online Quiz & Generate TONS of New Leads

Online quizzes:

They’re everywhere! And it’s no secret that people LOVE taking them.

I mean how many Buzzfeed quizzes have you seen shared on your Facebook feed just in the last week?

If you’re me – SO MANY!

Their popularity is pretty huge and it’s clear how effective an online quiz can be at spreading. Creating something that can go viral has never been easier.

That’s why quizzes are a GREAT tool for bloggers to use to capture email leads. Not only will they be attracting new potential customers for your business, but you also get to know your audience better!

It’s a win, win situation.

In this post I’m going to show you how super simple it is to make your OWN online quiz. So you can start reaping those sweet, sweet blogger rewards.

How to Make Your Own Online Quiz!

Online Quiz


We all want to hit the ground running when it comes to making our first quiz, but there’s some prep work that needs to be done. Before even beginning the process of creating the quiz itself, you need to decide what it’s going to be about.

Pick a Quiz Topic

Choosing one that relates to your audiences interests and your own brand is imperative. You want to attract the right people with something fun for them to interact with, but always keep your end game in mind.


Sure you could make a quiz about any old topic, but if it doesn’t benefit your blogging goals – then what’s the point?

For example, my website focuses on providing college tips and the majority of my audience is female. So I made a quiz asking “What Type of College Girl Are You?”.

Once you have a topic in mind, I suggest picking the end results.

Come Up With Your Quiz Result Options

This may all seem a little backwards to the process of creating an online quiz, but I find that it’s best to do it this way. Because again, looping back to how it relates to our businesses is the real focus.

So with my quiz, I choose results that I could easily use to link back to posts around my blog.

If someone doesn’t want to enter their email address to see their quiz results, the utility of the quiz for my business isn’t over just yet. I also have the opportunity to keep them on my blog longer by providing posts that may interest them (based on their results).


Those who DID join my email list will already be primed and ready, making this the perfect opportunity to encourage them to explore my website more.

It’s a two fold advantage, and that’s why it’s SO important to think of your quiz result options ahead of time.

Here comes the last step of the prep work:

Selecting Your Quiz Questions

Brainstorming the questions is the final difficult (and I’m using this word loosely here) part of the online quiz making process.

However, you don’t want to go overboard and choose TOO many questions. Gotta keep people interested, what with shorter attention spans these days and all.


A good middle ground is about 7 questions (the ideal number suggested by Interact), as it takes only about 2 minutes to answer them all.

To make things easier on yourself later, also have one answer choice per quiz outcome. This makes connecting answers with quiz results simple.

So if you came up with 7 quiz result options (which is what I did for my quiz), then you should have 7 possible answers for each question.

Let’s do a recap of the steps used for the quiz prep work:

  1. Pick your quiz topic
  2. Choose your quiz results
  3. Gather the links you want use for each result
  4. Write down your quiz questions and their answer choices

Now for the fun part – putting it all together!

Online Quiz

In this How to Make Your Own Online Quiz tutorial, the platform I’ll be using is Interact.

I went with their quiz making software because it’s uber user-friendly. No coding or major HTML knowledge needed!

It’s intuitive and easy to use, but the results look SO professional. It’s a winning combination for me!

I’ll walk you through exactly how I made my own online quiz.

Step #1 – The Basics

After logging into Interact, and clicking on the nice orange button that says “Create New Quiz“:

There is the option to start from scratch or to start with a pre-made template. If the quiz making process sounds intimidating to you, the templates are SUPER helpful for generating ideas.

There are a ton of options over many topics for the templates.

For my quiz, I choose to start from scratch.


You’ll be prompted to pick a type of quiz: Assessment (ex. How Much Do You Know About -insert topic-?), Personality or Scored.

How to make Your Own Online Quiz

They each all have their slightly different uses. I went with a Personality quiz.

Step #2 – Branding & Styling

Then it’s time to really get into the nitty gritty of your online quiz design.

The first thing to do is set your the quiz styling so that it aligns with your already established brand. This would be choosing the colors and the font.

This step was quick enough for me, as I have a branding style guide always handy on my computer.

How to make Your Own Online Quiz

Step #3 – Cover Page


I moved onto messing around with the layout for the cover page for my quiz.

This includes:

  • Choosing a title
  • Choosing a cover image
  • Adding a description (optional)
  • Editing the Start Button/Call to Action
How to make Your Own Online Quiz

Step #4 – Results & Questions

For my next step:

I added my quiz results (which I had already planned out in the prep work phase). I put in a result title, a picture and the result description where I went into more detail.

How to make Your Own Online Quiz

At the end of the result details is where I inserted my blog links to further interest quiz takers, like so (pictured below):

How to make Your Own Online Quiz

There is also the option for adding a Call to Action button.

This is good to use if you have one destination in mind (per result) that you’d like to direct your quiz users to.

I had multiple relevant articles to suggest for reading, so I didn’t use the button.

After filling out my 7 result options, I moved onto putting together the questions.

How to make your own Online Quiz

Things were smooth sailing for me at this point, as I just had to input the text (thank you prep work!).

If you prefer to make picture choices instead of text answers, there is the option to select images answers.


There’s no need to worry about which order you put the answers in!

How to make Your Own Online Quiz

When I was ready to link up my answers with their corresponding online quiz results:

I just had to hit the “Edit Result Correlations” button and then I was able link them up.

Easy peasy!

Step #5 – Integration

After putting the finishing touches on how my online quiz was going to look, I just had to link up my email client and I was almost done.

From here I was able to edit the email sign up form so that the wording was just how I wanted it.

Interact integrates with most major email marketing platforms, including what I use for my blog : MailerLite.

How to make your own Online Quiz

Interact walks you through how to do each step of the email integration and I found the process to be pretty frustration-free.

Step #6 – Sharing Your Online Quiz


The time has finally come to share your quiz with the online world!

There are a variety of options for promoting your quiz and each has useful instructions for how to implement them.

For my own online quiz:

I choose to use the Announcement bar (which you may have seen) and I Embed the quiz on my website.

How to make your own Online Quiz

And bam!

That’s everything it takes to make your quiz live and ready to rock. The hard work has been done and now you can relax while enjoying all the new leads your online quiz will be generating.

All in all:

I’ve found that the quiz making process to be a snap to set up with Interact. If you’re interested in using the platform to create your own, you can learn more about it here.

So what do you think? Got any questions?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! I always love to hear from my readers.


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