How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally (Without Sleep Aids)

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Have you ever wondered how to sleep better at night naturally? Except – during college?!

how to sleep better at night naturally, home remedies for good sleep,

That’s crazy talk!

But it is actually waaaayyy easier to accomplish than you might believe.

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

In fact:

When researching this subject, I realized that most of the main tips for getting better sleep I already do on a nightly basis!

All it takes is a BIT of routine and a few minor changes to start learning how to sleep better at night – naturally.

And, get this:

Implementing home remedies for good sleep begins before the sun even goes down!

In this post, I’m going to share with you 8 simple tips on how to sleep better at night naturally.

8 Tips to Help You Sleep Through the Night

My first tip is to:

1. Get Your Sweat On!

Of course, you know that working out is all an around good for you thing to do.

But –

How does it aid in getting you a better nights rest?

Like this:

According to, participating in at least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise will not only reduce stress and wear you out, but it also helps reset the sleep-wake cycle.


Don’t feel like you HAVE TO exercise as soon as you wake up. Some find that working out in the evening time helps them to naturally sleep better at night.

Experiment with working out different times during the day to find what works best for you.

2. Use Blackout Curtains

These are a great investment!

Whether you’re dorm living, at your parents, or on your own – blackout curtains can def help solve the mystery of how to sleep better at night naturally.

Especially if you only have time to sleep during weird hours (due to work), or even if you tend to take naps during the daytime.

Blocking out all light and distractions is a proven way to get better sleep.


Our bodies are wired to want to wake up when exposed to sunlight.

Your body has a built-in clock known as the circadian rhythm and it’s affected all types of light – not just sunlight.


If there’s an annoying streetlight blasting into your room or cars driving constantly by with their headlights flashing into your room…

Blackout curtains can block it all out which will help you sleep through the night (or day!).

3. Minimize Blue Light in the Bedroom

And, speaking of the circadian rhythm:

Blue light sends a signal to your body to stop producing melatonin, a hormone which helps to make you feel sleepy in the evening.

We all tend to get blue light exposure from computers and our smartphones. But I’d say that college students, in particular, get A LOT!

Much of college work is done digitally these days and you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.


If you have a roommate trying to finish homework with the lights on while you’re trying to sleep – that can be a SERIOUS no go!

Which is why I suggest getting a couple of blue-light free light bulbs for your bedroom.

They still offer enough light to see, but not in a blinding way where it feels like the entire sun is in your room at 10 pm.

4. Pick Up a Book & Read

You know what one of my favorite home remedies for good sleep is?

Simply reading a book before bed!

Reading before bedtime has been a proven time and time again trick for myself.

It’s relaxing, almost meditative, and it’s never long before my eyelids start feeling heavy. I feel like it helps me get out of my head by allowing me to focus on something else.

And there are few more added bonuses, as well:

Reading improves creativity, helps you retain information, and is a known stress reducer.

5. Meditate

how to sleep better at night naturally

Reading isn’t the only way to achieve meditation!

How to sleep better naturally at night is all about how you relax, and meditating is very similar to the first stages of falling asleep. 

If you’re new to the whole meditation thing, check out these guided meditations for sleep.

6. Stay Off of Technology

The blue light phenomenon is real, ya’ll!

Like we talked about earlier, the blue light from our phones affects our sleep because it actually messes with our levels of melatonin due to the short wavelengths.

So wild!

If you can:

Put away your phone and power off your laptop at least an hour before getting into bed.

And if you’re struggling with that…

Well maybe turn on the blue light filter on your phone, crank down the brightness and watch some ASMR videos. ?‍♀️

7. Have Everything Ready & Organized

Are your mornings and nights so hectic that you feel like you’re barely keeping it together?

I know that personally when my bedroom is a mess, I have a chore list a mile long, and homework that has to be done – I CANNOT sleep with all that on my mind.


If that sounds like you, start taking steps to being organized and having everything ready for the next day! 

Pick up your room, declutter, pick out your clothes, make your meals ahead of time, and make sure your bag is ready to roll for the morning.

Some things that can help with staying organized are:

  • a planner or a bullet journal
  • meal prepping
  • a wall calendar

Even sticky notes everywhere can be helpful!

Whatever helps you stay on track will also help you feel less stressed out and more able to sleep better at night naturally.

Now my final home remedy for good sleep…

8. Create & Stick to a Routine!

A very essential part on how to sleep better at night naturally is having a routine.

The simple repetition of routine before bed is a proven method for a good night’s sleep. 

Sleep is a not only a physiological process, but it’s also a behavior. And if we keep a healthy routine – we can train our bodies to sleep well.


Having sleep rituals, like reading or stretching, helps to ease our minds and bodies.

Find a routine you can stick with and you’ll be well on your way to catching better sleep on the reg.

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Learn how to sleep better at night naturally with these 8 tips! #sleep #healthy #healthytips #tired #tiredness

Are there any tips I missed that have helped you sleep through the night?

Leave a comment down below to help a restless college student out!

Did this post on how to sleep better at night naturally help you catch more Zzz’s?

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