30 Last Minute Graduation Cap Ideas That Are Simply Brilliant

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Simple Grad Cap Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

graduates wearing decorated grad caps
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Graduation can really sneak up on you. Which is strange, because it’s what most students have been looking forward since the first day of classes.

But when you have a bad case of senioritis

The end of the school year passes by in a blur. Suddenly, tomorrow is the day you walk across that stage. And it finally clicks that you still haven’t decorated your grad cap.

Or maybe you simply procrastinated. That’s what got you through your high school and college career, so why would you stop now?

Whatever your reasons are for waiting until the eleventh hour:

The last minute graduation cap ideas in this post are here to help you out.

30 Last Minute Graduation Cap Ideas

1. Embrace dry humor

john mulaney quote last minute cap decoration
Credit; twitter/@baby__female

This quote on this cap is a little too accurate for my liking.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

last minute grad cap decorated with parking tickets
Credit: Twitter/@judd_connor

“Grad cap is done. y’all gonna miss my ticket revenue next year.”

Take notes, this is resourcefulness at it’s finest.

3. A quote from IASIP always hits the spot

cut and paste funny grad cap
Credit: reddit/@stingermarine

Now someone’s asking the important questions.

4. The more obscure the reference, the better

nacho libre quote simple grad cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@nessadeeart

I love Nacho Libre, but this is the first time I’ve come across this quote. It’s brilliant.

5. Wrap it before it’s a wrap

chanel decorated simple grad cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@NSSxoxo_

Wanna have the most couture cap on campus?

All it takes is a little bit of ribbon and a flower. And viola – you have a last minute grad cap idea with true class!

6. Just put a pie on it

happy graduate with pie decorating graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@midmichigannow

Not only is it your graduation cap decoration, but it’s also the perfect post-commencement snack.

7. Irony is your friend

it's the dd date so i'm doing it today grad cap idea
Credit; Twitter/@holysaoirse

I kinda like that it’s not grammatically correct. It really has those done at the last minute vibes we’re aiming for here.

8. Show off what this has all been about

last minute graphic design major graduation cap design
Credit: reddit/@nicholasirl

“Four years ago I switched my major to graphic design. Tomorrow I’ll finally be crossing the stage, and I decided last minute that I wanted to make a graduation cap for myself.”

Who needs Photoshop when you have Microsoft Paint, am I right?

9. Sometimes a tweet says it best

As Cher once said...graduation cap topper decoration
Credit: Instagram/@missadds

As Cher once said…”what’s going on with my career”. Iconic.

10. Less can be more

LOL BYE graduation cap decoration idea
Credit: Twitter/@Amanda_Swart21

Nothing says “I’m done” like a short & sweet message. Get crafty with the paints while you’re at it.

11. Keep it real

spongebob bachelor's degree grad cap decoration
Credit: reddit/@ProfXsavior

“Last minute idea for my graduation cap.”

Because being able to laugh at yourself is the only way to get through it all.

12. Spongebob is honestly a goldmine for ideas

squidward simple grad cap decoration idea
Credit: reddit/@sunflowerchyld

TBH the older I get, the more I identify with Squidward.

Crafting the perfect DIY graduation cap depends a lot on having the right tools. 🛠 That’s why I’ve compiled a list with exactly what materials to use to decorate your graduation cap – so you can achieve the results you want the first time around. Quickly find the materials you need right here and start your design off on the right foot!

13. Do whatever you want, because that’s what adults do

mocking spongebob meme simple cap decoration
Credit: reddit/@Htownlegend

That’ll show your mom.

14. Thank the important people in your life

thanks mom last minute grad cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@i_am_hildebrand

Never forget, it’s the thought that counts. You know it comes from the heart because it’s hand drawn.

15. Feature your role model

oprah decorated graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@mandapandaxp

Throw together a collage of your favorite icon. It’s a great way decorate your cap at the last minute.

16. Bring attention to your impending fate

college graduate's quick grad cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@DanzLua

Buckle up, because post-grad life is a bumpy ride.

17. Hide your anxiety behind a smokescreen of humor

last minute brooklyn 99 grad cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@katelynnedaws

No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.

18. Even notebook paper will work in a pinch

Last minute like everything else grad cap

last minute like everything else i did in college graduation cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@FRCPrez

There’s nothing more motivating than an 11:59 deadline.

19. Throw it back to noteworthy influencer drama

bye sisters last minute cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@ashleybarko

I don’t know if James Charles is ever gonna live this one down…

20. Think of your cap as billboard

hire me funny graduation cap idea
Credit: Instagram/@letterbyline

Like this last minute grad cap idea?

Here are the instructions for how to copy it (including the printable letters).

21. Humble brags are acceptable

funny trailer park boys decorated graduation cap
Credit: reddit/@theseasskye

You can always count on Trailer Boys for grade A content.

22. Share what’s on your mind

now what? graduation cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@7clonts

“Seriously though…”

The million dollar question…

23. Find inspiration in your inspiration

easy taylor swift graduation cap decoration
Credit; Twitter/@taysheadslights

I don’t think you could find a more timely Taylor Swift quote if you tried.

24. Let your inner prankster shine

the office quote quick simple grad cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@Becky_Tadildo

“Like everything else I do, last minute decorating.”

25. Wear your heart on your sleeve cap

funny last minute grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@cortez__lex

“Pretty satisfied for decorating my cap last minute.”

Don’t underestimate the power of puns. They will serve you well, at your graduation ceremony and beyond.

26. When in doubt, use a crying celebrity

crying kim decorated simple grad cap
Credit: Instagram/@lindsyedoingthings

Using crying Kim’s face as your cap decoration is almost like stealing candy from a baby. But it is a guaranteed win.

27. Situational humor is appropriate

arrested development quote graduation hat idea
Credit: reddit/@mittromneyshaircut

It’s more than appropriate, encouraged really. This is where being a fan of Arrested Development pays off.

28. Give your sponsor a shoutout

last minute dunkin' donuts grad cap design
Credit: Twitter/@jazminexmathers

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Coffee won’t let you down.

29. Throw a bone to your favorite podcast

smiling graduate holding his decorated graduation cap
Credit: Twitter/@Lil_Red321

I’m sure this is an inside joke I don’t fully get. Who needs those large-sized podcasts anyway.

30. Don’t hold back your feelings

simple south park character grad cap decoration
Credit: reddit/@lo_john

You’re probably never going to see most of these people again anyway. Let your freak flag fly, you’re free now.

Final thoughts on quick & simple graduation cap ideas

This concludes the list of simple grad cap ideas. Hopefully you found one that you can pull off at the last second.

Leave a comment to let me know how you ended up decorating your hat!

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Best Last Minute Grad Cap Ideas

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