31 Easy Halloween Costumes for Guys Who Do Everything At The Last Minute

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Gloriously low effort Halloween costumes for 2023 that don’t suck

Sure, you could have decided what to wear for Halloween weeks ago.

But when an easy, low effort costume is all you want – there’s really no need to bother.

guy in distress because he need a Halloween costume at the last minute

Similar to how diamonds are made under pressure, some of us have our best ideas in the eleventh hour. There’s just something about an impending deadline that gets the creative juices flowing.

After all:

Inspiration often strikes when you least expect it.

And according to a scientific study, even procrastination has its benefits. Go figure.


Here are 31 super easy last-minute costumes for guys to wear on Halloween that prove a lack of planning is the ultimate catalyst for creativity.

31 Easiest Last-Minute Costumes Ideas for Guys

If you’re looking for easy costumes with normal clothes, you’ve come to the right place.

Febreze Air Freshener

guy wearing low effort febreze costume for Halloween
“My younger brothers Halloween costume.” –@XycronVA

This first idea is clever as hell and I can’t stop laughing at it. Print a Febreze logo, slap it on a light blue shirt, and you’re good to gooooo.

Johnny Bravo

guy dressed as Johnny bravo for Halloween
“‘Hey There Pretty Mama 💪🏼'” –@jasonbbeckett

Johnny Bravo is the perfect go-to costume for guys who like to work out. Just be sure to have your corny pickup lines locked and loaded.

Toilet Paper Roll

two guys wearing toilet paper roll costumes
“You’ll be surprised the shit we have to deal with sometimes…” –@jackieeeexd

Whether you want to say you’re dressed as a toilet or paper towel roll is up to you. I think toilet paper roll is funnier, though.

Terrance and Phillip

terrance and phillip halloween costumes
“‘That fart was absolutely ghoulish, Phillip!’
(lowkey v proud of our $20 last minute Halloween costumes)” –@verytargaryen

It’s so easy to DIY this Halloween costume and the final look is surprisingly accurate.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

low effort costumes example 5
“‘I’m gonna execute a button hook pattern, super slow mo'” –@captaincodycosplay

This idea will have you all righty for a party in no time!

Save money by DIYing the tutu (no sewing required.)

Game of Twister

guy wearing twister costume
“Whenever my crush tells me she wants to play a game.” –@rhett_19

Only wear this costume if you want girls to flock to you.

White Trash

man and woman wearing last minute halloween costume
“When the theme is AMERICA we think outside the box” –@jessamystoddart

All you need to copy this idea are trash bags and crumpled up newspaper. It’s so simple but so clever.

Mannequin Costume

guy dressed as mannequin for Halloween
“And my insanely ridiculous husband who decided to try and invent a mannequin costume at the last minute.” –@alexlohman

If you have an extra crutch lying around, dressing up as a mannequin is a no-brainer.


guy dressed as arthur and girl dressed as D.W.
“And I said hey! What a wonderful kind of day!” –@miramarko

This easy costume with normal clothes caters to guys who already own a yellow sweater or shirt.

Transform yourself into Arthur for the night just by wearing a pair of glasses and some homemade ears.

Glasses Guy Meme

guys Halloween costume compared to meme
“Last minute Halloween costume so I can get in the function” –@mikehector

Memes like this one make for some pretty good Halloween ideas.

Chance the Frapper

last minute costume ideas for guys pic 11
“Last minute costume…
I’m…Chance…the…Frapper” –@sreekyshooter

Keep your Halloween look simple by working with what you’ve already got!

Marty McFly

guy wearing marty mcfly Halloween costume
“Woah, this is heavy!” –@j.a.cosplays

Who doesn’t love Back to the Future??

The orange vest is what really pulls the look together. And, if you’re a hunter or a construction worker, you probably already own something similar.

Step Brothers

Characters from Will Ferrell movies will never not be great men’s Halloween costumes.

King Bob from Recess

guy wearing king bob costume for halloween
“My brothers King Bob costume is the best of all time” –@Murrrrrrray

This guys last minute Halloween costume is a genius way to throw it back Saturday morning cartoons while being comfortable as hell. 

The “Ex-Boyfriend”

man wearing last minute halloween costume
“The ‘ex boyfriend’/trash can costume was a hit but lemme tell you JUST how many people threw trash at me all night so yea the joke was on me” –@danny_palmer_

While this dude’s idea might have backfired a little, I’ve gotta give him props for the creativity. Plus having the ability to laugh at yourself is always an attractive quality.

Green Giant

tall young man painted green for his easy Halloween costume idea for guys
“My boyfriend is 6’7” and dressed as the Green Giant for Halloween” –@alandra_maine

It’s amazing what a little bit of green paint can do in a pinch.

Not to mention, this idea will help you stand out in a sea of Hulk costumes! 

Salt Bae

example of low effort guy halloween costume
“What can I say… I like memes?” –@roadruckartclass

Another meme-tastic idea you can pull off with the normal clothing in your closet!


man covered in grass for his costume
“happy halloween my brother was grass” –@maddy_rosa

Yep, you can just glue grass all over your body and call it day. It doesn’t hurt that the costume is beyond cheap.

Fancy Clothes Nacho Libre

guy posing in his Nacho Libre Halloween costume
“My little brother won Halloween” –@IanSaner1

Nacho Libre costumes might be overdone, but this version isn’t!

Pumpkin Man

guy in all black with pumpkin face mask
“Can we just take a minute and appreciate my brother’s pumpkin man costume” –@jarecki_jessica

I LOVE this idea! I’m sure 90% of the people you run into on Halloween will love it, too.

Mr. Clean

comparison of guys costume and mr clean man
“My brother asked me if I wanted to see his Halloween costume, I had no idea what I was in for” –@Chr1st1neClark

Bald men can appreciate a no effort Halloween costume like this.

Even if you’d need to shave your head for the look, it’s still a pretty easy idea.

One Night Stand

man dressed as a one night stand, easy halloween costumes for guys example idea
“So my dad made my brother a Costume at work. Enjoy! ” –@NotJCubb

Here’s another DIY costume that goes to show you that cardboard boxes have endless uses.

Indiana Jones

guy's indiana jones costume
“‘Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.'” –@bennybuche

The hat, satchel and maybe even the whip, can be thrifted!

Dustin from Stranger Things

Dustin is a cute, relevant, and (most importantly) easy as hell costume for Halloween.

Ricky Bobby

ricky bobby halloween costume
“If you ain’t first, you’re last!” –@shelbyyyyyraeeee

Talladega Nights is one of my favorite movies so I think this idea is totally rad.

Gym Teacher

guy in gym teacher costume for Halloween
“Swag” –@istvan_92

Dressing as a gym teacher for Halloween just means breaking out your shortest shorts and your tallest tube socks.

Beavis and Butthead

Metallica and ACDC shirts paired with funny expressions will get the job done on Halloween night. Don’t skimp on the Cornholio impressions, the gag always gets the people going.

Bottle of Sriracha

If you want to show off your love of Sriracha in the creepiest way possible, try this idea.

Contestant on The Price is Right

Last minute Halloween costumes for guys don’t get any simpler than this! All you need is a name tag and a good sharpie.

A Box

guy wearing box with hole cut out for his head
“When your husband needs a last minute Halloween costume so he decides to be a box” –@JustMeganSure97

Desperate times call for desperate measures….

…there are no stupid costumes on Halloween, right?

Ed from Good Burger

This 90’s character costume is too perfect! Now’s the time to let your roller blading skills shine.

Final thoughts on low effort, easy Halloween costumes for guys

So that concludes this post with last minute Halloween costumes for guys.

I have to hand it to these guys, those were some truly creative and amazing costume ideas. Hopefully the list helped you decide on one to pull off at the last second.

More costume ideas:

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Last Minute Costumes for Guys

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