9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students To Make Extra Money in College

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.


Making money while attending college is a great way to get ahead on student loan debt. Mainly though, it’s just nice to have some extra spending cash.


Being a full-time student can make it challenging to hold down a full-time, or any kind of typical job!

Between attending classes and studying, it’s near impossible to find a regular job that will work around school hours.


This doesn’t change that fact that sometimes you just need a way to make some extra money in college.

That’s why I put together this list of 9 flexible ways to make extra money on the side. When you’re down to your last dollar, having options like these can be a life saver!

Flexible Ways to Make Extra Money in College


1. Try Your Hand as a Freelancer

Do you have a talent or skill that you can sell to others?

You might want to consider freelance writing, photography, foreign translation or graphic arts. There’s even a market for freelance makeup artists!

As a freelancer, you get to decide how much work you take on and when you get it done. 

This makes it a very flexible option for making extra money.

Market your skills on Fiverr or your local Craigslist.

Need more of ideas of where to sell your talents? Check out these 50+ other places for ideas.


9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students Make Extra Money in College

2. Rent Out Your Stuff on Fat Llama

Got a bike, DSLR camera or a guitar?

You could make some extra money by loaning that stuff out to people who want to use it for the day!

With Fat Llama you can rent out almost anything. From DJ equipment to camper vans, to clothing and more.

The best part is:

When you lend on Fat Lama every item is covered by their insurance, up to $30,000. So no worries about having your stuff stolen or lost.

Learn more about how lending on Fat Llama works here.


9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students Make Extra Money in College

3. Consider Becoming a Tutor

Does your college have a tutoring center?

If so:

You might want to see if they’re looking for tutors!

Requirements will vary according to college, but you typically need to earn good grades in the subject area you would like to tutor in. Tutoring sessions will be work around your schedule, which makes it a nice choice for making extra money.


If your college isn’t looking for tutors, you could become an online tutor through a website like tutor.com.

Or circling back to freelance work, you could even spread the word about your tutoring services to family and friends with children.


4. Sell Items You No Longer Need

Do you have textbooks you no longer use? Will you never read your collection of Stephen King novels again?

Do you have clothes that haven’t made it into your weekly wear rotation in awhile?

If you have anything that’s just collecting dust or taking up space, it could probably better serve you by being sold for extra cash.

Websites like eBay, Craigslist and Poshmark are going to be your best when it comes to re-selling used items.


Don’t bother re-selling your used textbooks to the campus store! I’ve got a list of the best places to sell them online here.


9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students Make Extra Money in College

5. Become a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

While your schedule might not allow you enough time to be a babysitter, you could probably work in pet sitting!


There’s nothing better than spending some quality time with pets, am I right?

Cats, in particular, just need to be fed, watered and given attention. Dogs may require you to go to the house a few times during the day to walk them, but you might be able to fit this in between classes.

Search Care.com or Rover (or Craigslist) to find out what pet sitting services are needed in your area. This post offers insider tips for making extra money with Rover!


9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students Make Extra Money in College

6. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Not only can you earn some decent cash, but you will also be able to set your own hours!


Before signing up, make sure to check to see if these companies have any bonus codes (AKA extra $$) for signing up.


If you’ve wanted to drive for Uber or Lyft before, but it wasn’t available yet in your area – check again! Uber & Lyft are now in my area and I don’t even live in a major city.


7. Earn Free Gift Cards

I’ll admit:

Earning free gift cards isn’t a quick way to make extra money, but it can take just minutes a day. It’s even as simple as snapping pictures of your receipts.

And once you have earn them:

They can be used to help pay for items you need!

Start with this list to see how easy it is to get free gift cards.


8. Do Handy Work

Lawn mowing or snow shoveling are great ways to make extra money when you have time. Some colleges even hire students to shovel snow.

Of course:

You’ll have to wait until someone’s grass needs to be mowed or snow needs to be shoveled, but when you’re got a list of repeat customers – the money is good!


9 Flexible Ways for Busy Students Make Extra Money in College

9. Take Surveys


This last way to make extra money in college isn’t the most efficient way to rake in the dollars…

…but it’s still an option!

Join survey companies (16 ones to start with here) and start making money. Just know that it can be slow going.

Think about this, though:

Even if you earn just $3 a day, you can have over $500 in six months! Make sure to confirm your email address when you join them, so that you can cash out!


These are just some ideas on how you can make money in college!

Be sure to check your college bulletin boards to see what other opportunities there may be in your area.

Do you of any awesome ways to make extra money in college?

Let me know about it in a comment!



  1. As a college student, all of these suggestions are very doable because I’ve done them! I love to resell things I already have or even buy new things to resell. Also, there are so many options through apps and online in general. Freelancing is such a viable option that I wish other students were more aware of.

  2. Hi Jen!

    Great Post. I will bring grist to your mill:

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