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Money Tips

Money tips for college students and young adults.

Are these thoughts going through your head:

How can I save money fast?

How can I save the most money?

How can I save money on a low income fast?

How do I make my first budget?

Here on the blog, I’ll show you different and effective ways to save money.

Plus, ways to make extra money in college.

I’ll show you how to budget and how to save money on groceries (without coupons).

But if you’re interested in couponing, I even have tips for beginners.

Get your finances in order quickly by using my free budget worksheet.

Budgeting and saving money is easy when you know how to do it. And this section of my website is just for teaching you how to do all that.

I break it down into manageable and actionable solutions. So, keep on reading to find out more money saving tips and how you can use them in your own life today.



Below are my top recommendations for college students to save money and make money! Plus, blogging tool recommendations! Disclosure: Some of these are affiliate links, which just means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links (at no extra cost to you). However, there’s nothing on this page I have not…

Style on a Budget: Where to Get Cheap Name Brand Clothes

Style on a Budget: Where to Get Cheap Name Brand Clothes

Shopping for Cheap Name Brand Clothes One of the nice attributes about clothing is the fact that it can be worn & laundered many times before it actually needs to be discarded. Shopping at that retail outlets that specialize in pre-owned items is not only cheaper, but also environmentally friendly (extra win!). If you’re willing…