53 Best Nurse Graduation Cap Ideas (NICU, ER, Pediatric, OB & More)

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Graduation Cap Ideas Nursing Majors Will Love

happy graduating nurse making a heart out of a stethoscope
via Twenty20/@lausmi24

Congrats to you!

Whether you’re about to graduate, OR you’ve just been accepted into nursing school:

It was no easy task.

Getting in, finishing it, and everything in between takes diligence. Nurse life is, to say the least, busy.

As a result, the time between clinicals and finishing your program is precious. Little things, like finding cute nurse graduation cap ideas, have a way of falling by the wayside.

Since your free is limited, I put together a post to help you find the best ideas all in one place. I present to you 45 graduation cap ideas for nursing majors. You can easily zip through for some great inspiration!

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Nurse Grad Cap Decorations

Please enjoy these funny, charming and creative graduation cap decoration ideas for nurses. Above all, they’re a wonderful way to commemorate all of the hard work you put in.

pink nurse grad cap decoration that reads, "vaccinate your kids"
Credit: reddit/@louuuness

Hah! But really, though. In light of recent years events, this is a great message to send out into the world.

jewel decorated BSN nurse grad cap example
Credit: Instagram/@j_e_n_n_a_l

Bedazzle your BSN cap like this for some added flair. I bet it looks extra AMAZING when the sun hits it just right.

grey's anatomy quote nurse graduation cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@SageSargeant

This Grey’s Anatomy inspired design is sparkly, yellow happiness. It’s always a beautiful day to graduate!

graduation cap decorated with pink nurse scrubs and stethoscope
Credit: Etsy/@StayProudly

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Show off how excited you are to start your new nursing career with a cute grad cap decorated to look like scrubs! You can even customize the scrubs to your color of choice.

nurse graduation cap decoration ideas example
Credit: Twitter/@taylorroseryn

I love caps that are unique and I really like this one. This grad made the best use of the power of alliteration. 🌺

BSN nurse grad cap example 4
Credit: Instagram/@victoriasmonograms

Giving credit where credit is due – in this case to yourself, for seeing your degree through to the end. Let the world know who you are now and that you’re proud of it.

RN 2020 decorated graduation cap "year of the nurse"
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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This one is absolutely adorable! From the little hearts to the band aid and stethoscope, all the details are so pleasing.

the one where I become a nurse decorated cap for graduation
Credit: Twitter/@jesscolglazier

Friends obsessed friends! This one’s for you!

coffee, scrubs, & rubber gloves nursing cap decoration
Credit: Twitter/@justbriyonce_

Coffee, scrubs, and rubber gloves – nurse life in a nutshell. And who doesn’t love a good topical rhyme? This is a simple yet beautiful idea for those who enjoy a more minimal mortar board decoration.

handmade "Hello, i am your personal healthcare companion" Baymax grad cap design for nurse
Credit: Etsy/@paperandpoppyco

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Fans of Big Hero 6 will recognize Baymax shown on the fun design here. I adore this wonderful handmade cap, the reference is perfect for graduating nursing students!

nurse graduation cap that reads, "dreams do come true"
Credit Instagram/@norman_rn15

Some more bedazzlement, flower power, and a cute quote. Love it!

it's a good day to save lives bsn grad cap example
Credit: Twitter/@JJayliz

Grey’s Anatomy quotes and nurse grad cap designs are a match made in heaven. The color choices and hand painted details really elevate this cap topper to the next level.

EaRNed Not Given Graduation Cap

pink nursing decorated grad cap
Credit: Instagram/@asomra
pink sparkle decorated nurse RN graduation cap topper
Credit: Instagram/@asomra

This cap gives off some serious valentines day vibes and I’m more than here for it.

eaRNed not given nurse graduation cap idea
Credit: Pinterest/@Kiarrasaur

Show off that school pride by incorporating the colors onto your cap.

gold glitter nursing school graduation cap with black letters and red hearts
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Red and black on top of a glittery gold base is a color combination that works SO well. Everything about this cap is downright gorgeous!

eaRNed it nurse clarissa - grad cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@flourishwithlove

Geometric? What an acute idea.

earned not given nurse cap topper decoration
Credit: Pinterest/@myanes5221

You don’t have to overthink it – go with a sparkly base then accessorize with flowers and you can do no wrong.

smiling nurse college graduate posing with decorated graduation hat
Credit: Twitter/@_jguadalajara

This cap wins all the designs! Nurse Jackie, you for sure eaRNed it.

✅ Without a doubt: the right tools make ALL the difference. To help you quickly and easily get started on your design, I’ve rounded up the best decorating supplies to use right here. Find everything you need to craft the perfect graduation cap in one place here!

Funny Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

RN BSN graduate showing off her cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@sophiieeisabella

I had to include at least one idea with a quote from Legally Blonde.

stick 'em with the pointy end RN cap topper decoration
Credit: Instagram/@haileyrabbit

There couldn’t be a better time to make use of this Game of Thrones quote.

nurse grad cap with funny saying
Credit: Instagram/@ttuhscson

Who hasn’t thought they were NOT going to make it through school and then somehow miraculously pulled through?!

I could say nursing school was tears free but that would be A-fib grad cap topper decoration for nursing student
Credit: Etsy/@StayProudly

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Here’s another spin with a good ol’ play on words. You’re guaranteed to spread the laughs on graduation day with this idea.

pink glitter and flower i call the shots now grad cap topper
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Pretty in pink and in charge. I love a good pun like this!

K’s Krafty Corner makes some of the prettiest nurse cap designs, that’s for sure. The creator has a real eye for it!

two new grad nurses showing off graduation caps
Credit: Instagram/@jessica_dahmer

As mentioned previously: Now is the time to let your punny side out.

what i learned in nursing school is spongebob grad cap idea
Credit: reddit/@sm1ttywerber

Spongebob makes the best inspo for relatable school moods tbh.

cute enough to stop you heart, skilled enough to restart it. Nurse Nicole grad cap
Credit: Instagram/@nicolethenursern

Funny and cute – I think we have a deadly combo here.

can i nap now? bsn grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@hdauubb1

*Gets an on call shift* – no, not really.

Time for Shots Graduation Cap

smiling nurse grad showing off her grad cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@_breezyyboo

Because administering shots is the whole reason you became a nurse, right? 💉

graduation cap time for shots idea
Credit: Instagram/@ashleyhgillis

WHAT – a cap trimmed with faux fur?? This “time for shots” grad cap is opening up my mind to whole new world of decorating possibilities.

Male Nurse

funny male RN graduate cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@kris.suptela

Lol but really, don’t worry.

gotta treat em all nurse decorated grad cap example
Credit: reddit/@theshark_rn

I know it’s my destiny! This is an awesome example of how you can incorporate your hobbies to personalize your cap design.

smiling guy graduate with "just got my BSN" superman grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@oaklandu

This male nurse cap decoration is waaay too adorable. Every BSN graduate needs this!

wined a lot male nurse graduation cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@Luke_Chochola24

Upcycling wine corks done right.

ICU / NICU Nurse

life is full of tiny miracles decorated nicu grad cap
Credit: Instagram/@shanacubana

This cap is absolutely precious, oh my goodness! The life is full of tiny miracles saying is the perfect mindset to take with you into your new nursing career.

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NICU nursing graduation cap idea example
Credit: Twitter/@Mizzou

So true. NICU nurses are superheroes.

grad cap "real hot shit nurse MRICU"
Credit: Instagram/@thisisjioni

When you know you got this!

"be the light in someone's darkness TICU" nurse grad cap example
Credit: Instagram/@paigeforbus

Harry Potter, flowers and an inspiring quote – this combo can do no wrong.

trauma queen grad cap decoration by ICU nurse major
Credit: Twitter/@@supergestel

Punning is winning in my books. Own your new crown, you earned it!

ER Nurse

select all that apply nursing grad cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@jessspresso

The ultimate nurse graduation cap ideas are these “select all that apply” ones.

airway, breathing, circulation, degree check ER nurse cap descoration idea
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Checking off that degree, ya’ll! Talk about a cap decoration that’ll make your day all the more picture perfect, this one more than WOWs.

"ER nurse, it's a beautiful day to save lives" decorated graduation topper
Credit: Twitter/@oaklandu

This fun, painted-on ER nurse design hits all the nursing points.

silver and blue er nurse cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@brijaymes22

The heart beat of any hospital is the nursing staff for sure.


gold glitter LPN grad cap
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Nursing is a work of heart and this design honors the “heart” of the profession. ♥

Pediatric Nurse

pink graduation cap topper that says there's a new stork in town, decorated with bow, baby, and stork for pediatric nurse graduate
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Declaring that there’s a new stork in town is such fun idea for graduating peds nurses! The 3D decorative elements on this grad cap topper add visual interest in the best of ways.

for the kiddos peds nurse graduation cap topper
Credit: Instagram/@katybpnp

“e kūlia i ka nu’u” means strive to reach the highest. I think this girl did!

pink graduation cap decoration for a peds nurse rn
Credit: Etsy/@KsKraftyCorner

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Isn’t this just the most darling cap decoration? From the sentiment to the soft shade of pink, everything about it just too sweet.

happy pediatric nurse graduate with her grad cap
Credit: Twitter/@adrienne_belle

Who says you have to grow up? Pediatric nurses are actually stuck in Neverland – and they love it!

college graduate smiling at her pediatric nurse decorated yellow cap
Credit: Twitter/@Mizzou

I obviously needed to include good Disney inspired grad cap here and this one is 100% ADORABLE. This Toy Story quote is spot-on for the peds nurse profession!

OB Nurse

OB nurse at your cervix graduation cap with happy grad
Credit: Twitter/@LZDivas

I’m cracking up, this cap topper is great! We love a woman who isn’t afraid to show off her sense of humor.

cute graduation cap decorated to say "OB nurse"
Credit: Twitter/@@morgan7119

I’m thankful for all OB nurses. Because without them, a lot of us would of had a much harder time just being here!


How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap for Nursing

If you want to DIY your cap decoration, this video will walk you through the process of how to easily decorate your grad cap.


Nursing stickers for graduation cap


Recommended decorating supplies:

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Final thoughts on nurse grad cap ideas 

I hope these nursing graduation cap ideas have made you all the more excited to graduate and start working in your chosen department!

Nurses are so appreciated. We all know they’re the real backbone of a functioning medical center.

So thank you for doing what you do & happy graduation!

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