26 Unbelievably Cute RN Graduation Cap Ideas

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Design Ideas for Your RN Graduation Cap

registered nurse graduate smiling with her decorated grad cap
Via Twenty20/@mandaaplease_

Graduation is an occasion to celebrate you.

Because it’s not every day that you finishing a nursing program and graduate from nursing school. It’s your moment to shine and feel accomplished.

Getting your registered nurse diploma isn’t easy. But you worked hard and you did it!

And a decorated cap topper is your chance to make it all the more memorable.

So here are 26 beautiful, brilliant, and funny RN graduation cap ideas to inspire you!

RN Graduation Caps

pink bedazzled nursing grad cap decoration
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

This first cap is an absolute STUNNER.

This idea is perfect for when you’re torn between a select all that apply and an eaRNed it design.

cute blue nurse graduation cap idea
Credit: Twitter/@NightingaleCCC

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’, registered nursing is field that’s projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations.

So you’re a hot commodity. It’s definitely a career choice to be proud of!

newly graduated L&D RN showing off her cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@callihancreative

This labor & delivery RN grad cap is just the cutest thing. And so the adventure begins, because there’s a new stork in town!

difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations RN decorated grad cap
Credit; twitter/@waubonsee

The quote on this cap so fitting!

I survived nursing school RN cap decoration idea
Credit: Instagram/@nicole_robinson21

Nursing programs can be rigorous. It takes some real determination to stick it out until the end.

smiling registered nurse graduate showing off her cute graduation cap decoration which says Nurse Lynn RN
Credit: Etsy/@HullDesignCo (review pic from Lynn DeLucca)

This grad cap design featuring cherry blossoms is simply magnificent!

screw beautiful I'm brilliant nursing graduation cap
Credit: Instagram/@vicctorrillo

And with your brilliance you’ll be making a huge difference in people’s lives.

rn graduation cap funny saying
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

I love how this decoration mixes funny with pretty.

And if you love this grad cap topper be sure to visit Krafted Swell’s insta where you can order your own!

eaRNed not given graduation cap

eaRNed not given grad cap topper with college graduate
Credit: Instagram/@morganlewis_14

I’m a sucker for glittery graduation caps like this!

pretty yellow eaRNed not given nursing school graduation cap decoration
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

And this one is no exception, either. Flowers are always a welcome addition. Everything about this design really pops!

Not big on arts and crafts? Snag a similar, and equally beautiful, eaRNed not given cap topper here.

While we’re on the topic phrases featuring RN – here’s another fun idea! The yellow details are super eye-catching. Plus, the mini clipboard is just the cutest thing!

better life for my cat nursing cap idea
Credit: Instagram/@catcoverescue

You can personalize your cap in any way your heart desires. So why not give a shout out to your motivation?

Gold rn decorated grad cap topper
Credit: Twitter/@beautykillsx___

All the little details come together so well on this cap.

Without the correct tools, crafting can go from fun to frustrating real fast. 😵 To save you the hassle of back and forth trips to the store, I put together this list of all the best materials for decorating your graduation cap. Check out this convenient one-stop shop so you can speed up the process and get going quickly and easily!

floral white and blue RN graduation hat
Credit: Instagram/@karleykleinsmith

“Pinning: ✓
Graduation: ✓
Karley Kleinsmith, RN: coming soon”

Here’s proof that sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to decorating your graduation cap.

A.fib nurse graduation cap funny pun
Credit: Instagram/@helena_fg3

Nurse puns are the best puns. Plus, the bow makes the cap look extra cute!

not a tiara but it will do for now RN student graduation cap
Credit: Instagram/@reaonna_

Because you are a queen!

funny help me i'm poor RN grad cap decoration
Credit: Instagram/@___blue_eyed_blonde___

“Finished my graduation hat and of course I have to relate my life to the movie bridesmaids ?”

Hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the new loan forgiveness programs for nurses.

This is such a gorgeous design and the deer antlers are the cherry on top.

"Trust in your jouRNey" Nurse Kay grad cap decoration
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

This mindset turned into a play on words is a thing of beauty.

nurse grad cap decoration - eaRned not given
Credit: Instagram/@2you_loveus

I love the how the stethoscope is shaped into a heart.

mcc nursing cap decoration idea for graduation
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

These colors compliment each other in the best of ways. This idea is a creative way to incorporate RN, too!

Nurse RN painted grad cap design idea
Credit: Instagram/@mel.hunt.fit

“’I attribute my success to this- I never gave or took any excuse.’ – Florence Nightingale.”

Registered nurse pink and sparkle decorated graduation cap
Credit: Instagram/@caitsnyd_rn

You can never go wrong with bling and flowers.

nap registered nurse graduation cap idea
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

“Sometimes you just need a nap to make it through?? You definitely eaRNed it!”

pink sparkle nurse graduation cap with the words "I'm taking a nap after this I eaRNed it!"
Credit: Krafted Swell by Siara/@kraftedswell

Another beautiful variation of this eaRNed it nap idea from the very talented Siara at Krafted Swell.

funny spongebob nursing grad caps
Credit: Instagram/@dieanuhh

In nursing school tears were shed and coffee was a lifeline. Spongebob themed ideas are sure to be a hit.

How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap for Nursing

If you want to DIY your own cute cap design:

Here’s a great video that will show you how to decorate your grad cap.

Nurse stickers:

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Wrapping up with RN grad cap ideas

I hope all these ideas helped you decide on what to do with your own RN graduation cap design!

There are so many great decorations, it can be difficult to choose. Let me know which one was your favorite by leaving a comment below!

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