EXPIRED – Get a Free $50 Bonus Just for Trying the Root Insurance App!

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Yep, you read that right – get $50 just for trying the Root app!

Get a Free $50 Bonus Just for Trying the Root Insurance App!

Root Insurance $50 Bonus With Referral!

I’m so excited to share this offer with you because it’s EASY money at it’s finest!

Now until Jan. 1st 2019, Root is offering new customers a $50 bonus just for trying out their app and getting a car insurance quote from them!

Sorry, this offer has expired. 🙁 But, you can still get $25 for trying the app!

All you need to do is:

Create an account using my link here (without this link there is no $50 bonus), download the app and then see if you qualify for a quote. The quote takes 3-4 weeks while the app on your phone keeps track of your driving habits. 

There are no credit cards and no commitments.

Once you get your quote you are NOT obligated to take it to receive your $50 bonus. 

There are no strings attached to this offer, just know that calculating your quote takes 2-4 weeks.

How can I cash out the $50?

Processing of the bonus can take up to 2 business days after completing the test drive.

Once your quote is complete you will then be shown it, again you are not obligated to take the quote to receive your bonus.

NOTE: After viewing your quote wait awhile and then you will receive a notification letting you know that you earned the bonus. You should also get an email letting you know, as well.

The $50 you earned will then be mailed as a check to your address.

But if you earn referral credits:

Payment options include vendor gift cards (Amazon, Restaurants, etc.), Paypal, or bank transfer.

All, in all I think this an awesomely easy way to earn a little cash! And hey, you might even find out you can get a better car insurance rate on top of it!

Let me know what you think about this offer in a comment!

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  1. I started the application on September 22nd, I completed the test drive and received a new quote after 3 weeks. I have referred friends through link , how can I get 25$ reward.

    1. Hi John, you get the referral bonus after those you have referred complete the test drive and receive their quotes. You can find more info on Root’s FAQ page here under the “referrals” section. IMO, sometimes it just takes awhile for people to get around to completing the test drive – it’s hard to be patient though 🙃 Hope that helps!