52 Scholarships for Graduate Students to Cash In On

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When graduate school is on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to pay for it.

It’s always best to think ahead, especially when it comes to college.

One route to go is scholarships, specifically scholarships for graduate students.

What could be better than free money for school, right?

The nice thing is:

There are TONS of scholarships out there! Which can also be a drawback, because…

Even with boatloads of them out there, not all are graduate student eligible.


Because there are so many, it can be really time consuming to JUST sort through them all. There’s a lot of time spent before you even get the application process for each one.


To save from the headache of sifting the chaff from the wheat, I put together this big list of scholarships for graduate students.

Hopefully, this helps you win a nice lump of college cash or even a 100% tuition paid grad school experience!


Scholarships for Graduate Students

Note: some scholarships appear more than once because they have more than one deadline throughout the year.

Fall 2018

  1. DAAD Scholarship in the Field of Architecture – 100% Tuition & More (Deadline Sept. 30th)
  2. Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Sept. 30th)
  3. Fulbright U.S. Student Program (Multiple Grants) – Full or partial tuition & more (Deadline Oct. 1st)
  4. Marshall Scholarship – 100% Tuition (Deadline Oct. 1st)
  5. The Rhodes Scholarships – 100% Tuition & more (Deadline Oct. 3rd)
  6. Radcliffe Institute Research Fellowship – $77,500 (Deadline Oct. 4th)
  7. Gates Cambridge Scholarship – 100% Tuition (Deadline Oct. 10th)
  8. DAAD Schoalrship in the Field of Music – 100% Tuition (Deadline Oct. 15th)
  9. GreenPal’s Scholarship – $2,000 (Deadline Oct. 15th)
  10. Hertz Fellowship Application – up to $38,000 (Deadline Oct. 24th)
  11. DAAD Scholarship in the Field of the Performing Arts – 100% Tuition & More (Deadline Oct. 31st)
  12. Lance Stafford Larson Student Award – $500 (Deadline Oct. 31st)
  13. The Doc Cohen Franchising Scholarship – $4,500 (Deadline Oct. 31st)
  14. HubShout Internet Marketing Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Nov. 1st)
  15. AGC Graduate Scholarships – up to $7,500 (Deadline Nov. 1st)
  16. AAUW Dissertation Fellowships – $20,000 (Deadline Nov. 1st)
  17. AAUW Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowships – $30,000 (Deadline Nov. 1st)
  18. The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans (for immigrants and children of immigrants) – up to $90,000 (Deadline Nov. 1st)
  19. AAUW Career Development Grants – $2,000 – $12,000 (Deadline Nov. 15th)
  20. Amelia Earhart Fellowship – $10,000 (Deadline Nov. 15th)
  21. SimpliSafe STEM Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Nov. 30th)
  22. DAAD Scholarship in the Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual Communication & Film – 100% Tuition & More (Deadline Nov. 30th) 

Winter 2018/2019

  1. Cap Lathrop Scholarship – up to $4,000 (Deadline Dec. 1st)
  2. Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadline Dec. 1st)
  3. Remarkable Futures Scholarship (open to Chik-fil-A employees) – $25,000 (Deadline Dec. 3rd)
  4. Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program – $42,000 (Deadline Dec. 8th)
  5. Burger King Scholars Program (open to Burger King employees/spouse/domestic partner or child of an employee) – $1,000 – $50,000 (Deadline Dec. 15th)
  6. Car Covers Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Dec. 15th)
  7. Unigo Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadline Dec. 31st)
  8. Niche Graduate Student Scholarship – $500 (Deadline Dec. 31st)
  9. NACME Scholarships – Varies (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  10. NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Project – $18,000 – $24,000 (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  11. Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship – $35,000 (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  12. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 4th)
  13. Technology Addiction Awareness – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 30th)
  14. ASA Minority Fellowship Program – $18,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  15. ANS Graduate Scholarships – $3,000 – $5,000 (Deadline Feb. 1st)
  16. L’Oréal USA For Women in Science Fellowship Program – $60,000 (Deadline Feb. 2nd)
  17. Harry S. Truman Scholarship – up to $30,000 (Deadline Feb. 5th)
  18. The Beinecke Scholarship – $30,000 (Deadline Feb. 13th)
  19. SWE Graduate Scholarships – $1,000 – $5,000 (Deadline Feb. 15th)

Spring 2019

  1. James Madison Graduate Fellowships – $24,000 (March 1st)
  2. Grand Rapids Community Foundation Scholarships – Varies (Deadline April 1st)
  3. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program – $10,000 (Deadline April 2nd)
  4. National Dairy Shrine Kildee Graduate Scholarship – $3,000 (Deadline April 15th)
  5. EFWA Scholarships (Accounting degrees) – $1,000 – $2,000 (Deadline April 30th)
  6. NWSA Graduate Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline May 15th)
  7. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program – $10,000 (Deadline May 31st)

Summer 2019

  1. Cap Lathrop Scholarship – up to $4,000 (Deadline June 1st)
  2. American Physical Society M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship – up to $45,000 (Deadline June 1st)
  3. American Planning Association Judith McManus Price Scholarship – $2,000 – $5,000 (Deadline June 1st)
  4. Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship – Varies (Deadline June 1st)
  5. CleverFiles Data Recovery and Protection Scholarship – $2,000 (Deadline June 15th)
  6. Thomas J. Watson Fellowship – $30,000 (Deadline Sept. 15th)
  7. Peterson’s Graduate Scholarship – $2,500 (Deadline July 31st)

Know of any other scholarships for graduate students?

Let me know about it so I can add to this list! 

See more scholarships:

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