Not-Boring Stocking Stuffers for College Students: 37+ Awesome Ideas

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Unique small gifts that aren’t just junk!

In this post, you’ll find fun, cool, and great stocking stuffers for college students.

college students smiling and laughing

Stocking stuffers (also known as stocking fillers) are small gifts that can fit into – well, a stocking.

Candy and gift cards are often the go-to’s because you just can’t go wrong with them. They’re tried and true, but also far from unique.

Finding really good stocking stuffer ideas takes a little more time…

College students are in a transition period of life, which makes them kind of weird to shop for. The same goes for stocking stuffers for teens: figuring out what they’d really like isn’t exactly straight forward.

Even when you ask, the answer is usually unhelpful!

So to help save you some time and guesswork –

I searched to the ends of the internet to find the best stocking stuffers for college students. And here’s what I found…

37+ Unique Stocking Stuffers College Students Will Get Excited About

Favorite Ideas for 2020

These are the stocking stuffers college students (and even college-bound teens) are hoping to get this year!

1. Personalized Mini Jar of Nutella

stack of mini personalized jars of nutella are a great stocking stuffer for college students

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Nutella is a delicious spread that is loved by almost everyone. I’d even say it’s loved most by teens and students!

That’s why a few personalized mini jars of Nutella would make perfect stocking stuffers.

2. A Little Burt’s Bees Gift Set

essential Burt's Bees gift setshop now button

Burt’s Bees beauty items make nice little gifts. A lip balm or a body scrub would fit well in a stocking.


You could cram in a small gift set.

3. Pizza Pouch

college girl wearing a pizza slice pocket necklace

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Does your teen love a good gag gift?

Then this portable pizza pouch is sure to get a laugh!

It’s a necklace that can hold a piece of pizza, what’s not to love?

4. Super Warm & Soft Alpaca Wool Socks

cute alpaca wool socks with alpaca pattern gift idea for college kids

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Socks are a classic Christmas gift that college students definitely appreciate.

Skip the merino wool this year. You can give something a little more unique by going with a pair of Alpaca wool socks.

Compared to sheep wool, alpaca wool is warmer and better at wicking away moisture.

5. Keychain Sized Sriracha

hand holding a Sriracha Mini Keychain

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The oh-so-popular Sriracha Sauce is available in a mini, to-go keychain. Which is so neat and cute in my opinion!

This would make a fun novelty stocking stuffer for any fan of the hot sauce.

A college student is sure to get a kick out of it and find plenty of uses for it.

6. Portable Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

a mini essential oil diffuser is perfect for a college girl

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College kids who love essential oils would also love a mini, portable essential oil diffuser.

It’s a convenient way to freshen up a dorm room, work space, or car.

7. PopSocket Phone Grip & Stand

opal popsocket phone grip and stand

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You may or may not have heard about these cool phone gadgets, but they’re awesome!

It makes holding onto a phone, while taking a picture or doing anything else on it, SO much easier.

PopSockets are great stocking stuffers for college students, teens, or pretty much anyone.

There’s even mini Popsockets – so cute!

8. TONYMOLY Hand Cream Set

Tonymoly honey hand cream set - stocking filler for college student example

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College girls are sure to enjoy any beauty care related gift.

I love TONYMOLY’s whole aesthetic! You can’t go wrong with something from this brand.

This little gift set is available in 3 delightful scents (like honey).

9. Simulated Pimple Popping Toy

simulated pimple popping toy - funny stocking stuffer example

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A pimple popping toy might sound gross to you, but to fans of Dr. Pimple Popper – this is an awesome gift.

If nothing else, it’ll get a laugh!

This is just one of many silly stocking stuffer ideas I have in this list, get ready for more.

10. Small Floating Bedside Shelf

small bedside shelf for holding a phone and more, perfect for a college dorm room shop now button

These neat little things make great stocking stuffers for college students and teens.

There may not be enough room in their dorm for a bedside table but this small bedside shelf is the perfect size!

It’s easy to install (and remove) and it’ll keep all the essentials within arm’s reach.

11. Portable Charger

a white and black portable charger charging a phone

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A portable power bank for charging devices is useful to have when running around campus, taking a camping trip, or traveling.

They’re even small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking.

College students LOVE portable chargers as they have lots of devices that need charging.

12. A Good Book or Two

1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know book

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Not textbooks for class:

But, something that can help ease the nerves about college and make the transition smoother.


You could add in a book that has been on their reading wish list for a long time.

Either way, win-win! 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know is a great pick.

13. nügg Face Mask Glow Kit

nügg Face Mask Glow Kit is a stocking filler a college girl would love

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Applying face masks together is a relaxing way to get in some bonding time.

These little babies are uber-cute and the perfect size to slip in a stocking.

14. Purity (Affordable) Wireless Earbuds

Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound, Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones in-Ear with Charging Case

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Wireless earbuds are super popular right now – but you don’t need to pay Airpod prices to score a quality pair.

For example:

Purity wireless earbuds are budget-friendly and they have RAVE reviews. Which is why they’re a truly amazing stocking stuffer idea.


Awesome Cheap Ideas

Stocking Stuffers under $10

15. Serial Killers: Adult Coloring Book

serial killers adult coloring book

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Adult coloring books are fun stocking fillers!

This serial killer themed one is perfect for the true crime lover in your life.

16. Extra Long Charging Cable

gold braided extra long phone charging cable - stocking filler idea example

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Useful little things are some of the best stocking stuffers for college students.

Dorm beds are high off the ground and a regular length cable doesn’t quite cut it.There’s no doubt that 6 feet would be plenty of reach, though.

I like this braided cable (available for micro usb, type-c, and iPhone lightning) because it’s hardier than your average charging cord.

17. Bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

Bag Of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy Funny Unique Christmas Stocking Stuffer Present For College StudentsNot-Boring Stocking Stuffers for College Students: 37+ Awesome Ideas 2

Nothing says holiday spirit more than a bag of delicious reindeer farts. Or as as us common folk would call it–cotton candy.

It’s a fun stock stuffer that’s sure to smile and a chuckle out of the giftee!

18. Cute Animal Sticky Notes

cute cartoon animal sticky notes

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Sticky notes are a students best friend! They’re used to mark important passages and pages in textbooks.

Animal sticky notes are a practical and cute gift all rolled into one.

19. Loch Ness Monster Bookmark

loch ness monter shaped bookmark

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Are you shopping for a bookworm this holiday season?

This Nessie Tale bookmark will please any avid reader. It’s definitely a unique idea!

20. Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

Petit Bunny Gloss Bars - cute stocking stuffer idea for college girl

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These Petit Bunny Bars are great stocking stuffer ideas for a college girl based on looks alone. The packaging is adorable.

Plus, it’s actually a pretty nice tinted lip balm.

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21. Pocket Bowie Wisdom

pocket bowie wisdom is an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea

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Pocket Bowie Wisdom is a cool stocking filler idea for college students who are a fan of the icon.

The little book is a collection of Bowie’s most memorable and inspiring quotes.

22. Watercolor Temporary Tattoos

sheet of floral watercolor temporary tattoos

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My next cheap stocking stuffer idea is:

Temporary tattoos!

They’re are fun for both teens and college students. Because the best way to try out a tattoo is by starting with a temporary one, right?

These watercolor flowers are delicate, beautiful, and surprisingly convincing.

23. Bullet Journal

mint colored dotted grid bullet journal - small gift idea

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Bullet journals are all the rage and a nice stocking stuffer for college students/teens.

Bullet journaling is an open-ended way to track just about anything – like moods, habits, schedules, etc. It’s like an artistic alternative to a planner!

But, also:

BUJOs are so much more than that.

24. Washi Tape

16 rolls of colorful washi tape

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Washi Tape comes in all kinds of crazy patterns like bacon, skittles, puppies, kittens, etc. Pretty much any design you can think of!

Students and teens can use it to decorate their room, planner, or bullet journal. It’s a versatile tape that has lots of fun uses.

25. Mini House of Sheet Masks

tonymoly mini house of sheet masks - cute stocking stuffer idea college students

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Here’s a great stocking stuffer idea for a college girl:

A face mask bundle in packaging that reminds me of a dollhouse.! It’s simply darling and it comes in two colors.

26. Magical Farting Creatures Coloring Book

farting magical creatures adult coloring book gift idea

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Like the cover says, magical creatures that fart are funny!

Adult coloring books have been popular for some time, so you can be sure a student would delight in one. As an added bonus, coloring can help reduce stress.

27. Paint By Sticker Book

paint by sticker book: travel - fun stocking stuffer idea for college student

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A paint by sticker book is similar to an adult coloring book. The main difference is that no colored pencils or artistic skills are needed.

Depending on the giftee, it could be even more fun!

28. Vineyard Vines Whale Sticker

vineyard vines pink whale sticker is a stocking stuffer a college girl would love

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Last year when Target started carrying Vineyard Vines, people went nuts over it. The clothing line sold out in minutes.

So I think it’s safe to say it’s a popular brand.

A Vineyard Vines whale sticker is a cheap stocking stuffer idea that’ll make a great impression.

29. Harry Potter Page Clips

cute stocking stuffer for a college student

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Fun little page clips will help break of the monotony of reading textbooks.

If your college kid is a Harry Potter fan on any level, this idea is a slam dunk!

30. nügg Happy Lips Balm

nügg happy lips lip balms

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Dry, chapped lips run rampant during wintertime.

All natural, ultra moisturizing lip balm is the solution! This little gift will be met with a big smile.

31. TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milk stocking filler idea

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How’s this for a unique college stocking stuffer?

It’s hand lotion in a neat banana shaped container!

It smells fantastic and I think it’s a winning gift idea for girls.


Stocking stuffers under $5

32. Cable Saving Spirals

silicone spirals for protecting phone and tablet charging cables

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Ever had a charging cable fray on you?

It’s such a pain! But, luckily there’s a solution.

These cute, little things called cable savers extend cable life by protecting charging cables from bending too much!

They’re adorable and useful, making them awesome cheap stocking stuffers for college students and teens.

33. Da Bomb Bath Fizzer

cool unicorn bath fizzer stocking stuffer gift idea

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There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day of classes with a relaxing bath.

That’s why bath bombs make wonderful stocking stuffers college students can enjoy. Teens love them, too!

They really do make for excellent little presents. Da Bom makes lots of different bath fizzers to choose from.

34. A Pack of Dude Wipes

hand holding up a pack of dude wipes - college guy stocking stuffers

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Dude Wipes claim to be the slickest, thickest, & sickest flushable wipes on the market.

Give the gift of fresh butts to the college guys in your life this year. Bathroom trips may never be the same for them.

35. Reusable Metal Straw

college student stocking stuffer idea

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The reusable straw trend is here to stay.

A metal straw is a sustainable but still affordable little gift to put in a stocking.

36. iClips Magnetic Page Markers

iclip magnetic page marker bookmarks in sloth and seashells

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Bookmarks are definitely stocking stuffer sized!

These magnetic ones come in lots of different cute deigns, like sloths.

37. Scalp Massager

cheap stocking stuffer ideas

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If you’ve never used one of these scalp massagers, you need to!

It feels AH-MAZING!

Which is why it lands a spot on my list of stocking stuffer ideas. This gift is sure to subtlety wow.

38. Lottery Tickets or Scratch Offs

cheap stocking stuffer idea for college kids

Need a gift for a kid who’s hard to shop for?

Lottery tickets are a fun idea. They’re a gift that can give even more at no extra cost for the giver.

Buy a handful and see how the odds play out!


Final Thoughts on Stocking Stuffer Ideas for College Students

What do you think of these stocking filler ideas?

Amazing, or nah? Let me know by leaving a comment!

More great gift ideas:


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Amazing Stocking Stuffers for College Students

  1. Sorry Charlie, but most of these are just junk. Too few for male students, and too juvenile. Great idea, but more effort please.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment, Ann. I’m bummed to hear that you were disappointed by the ideas on this list. Writing from a female perspective, we do tend to focus more on girls for blog content. We’ll keep guy students in mind for future posts.

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