The Complete Beginners Guide to Couponing at CVS

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Couponing at CVS: Their Coupon Policy Explained

It’s no secret that coupons can save you a lot of money.

The hard part is using them correctly.

And to top it all off:

The CVS coupon policy doesn’t exactly make it easy on you.

That’s why in today’s post I’m going over the all the important parts of the CVS coupon policy.

To make learning how to coupon – the right way – simple. That way, you can get on the fast track to saving money at CVS.

Brand new to coupoing? Start with my introductory guide to couponing!

The First Step to Couponing at CVS


The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up for a account.

You can join online or in the CVS app.


This will MAXIMIZE your savings by allowing you to upload digital coupons to your store card.

As an added bonus, you will receive a $5 in ExtraBuck Rewards just for signing up.

What are ExtraBucks?

We talk about that in just a minute!

Step #2: Getting Your CVS Extra Care Card

extra care card

Next, sign up to get the Extra Care Card. You can do this online or in store.

Link your account and your CVS card in your account profile

This card allows you to earn ExtraBuck Rewards.

Scan your card at checkout every time you make a purchase. Earn back 2% in ExtraBucks on most items in the store.

What are ExtraBuck Rewards?

CVS has a rewards program called ExtraBucks (otherwise know as ECBs or EBs).

There a new ways to earn them weekly and monthly. There will be signs around your CVS store that will tell you when you can earn ExtraBucks on certain purchases.

EBs will be printed at the bottom of your receipt.

EBs can be spent on your next purchase. Treat ExtraBucks like cash that you can spend only at CVS.

  • EBs CANNOT be redeemed for cash or gft Cards
  • EBs CANNOT be refunded or reissued, so don’t lose them (see how to sign up for digital receipts below).
  • EBs CAN be printed at the ExtraCare Coupon Center; or can be found at the bottom of your printed or digital receipt or in your account.
  • Your Extra Care Card can make it easy to keep track of all your rewards.

What Happens If I Lose Some ExtraBuck Rewards?


If you loose any, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

ExtraBucks will not be refunded or reissued.

There is a solution, though:

Sign up for digital receipts (in store) to keep track of all your purchases and rewards on your Extra Care Card.

CVS Coupon Rules

Most of these rules are no brainers – making them easy to remember.

Here are all the rules for couponing at CVS:

  • Coupons must be presented during checkout in order to receive the discount.
  • Coupons CANNOT be expired.
  • Coupons must be legible.
  • Coupons must have a scannable barcode.
  • Coupons are acceptable in black and white or color.
  • Coupons may not be duplicated.
  • CVS holds the right to refuse a coupon for any reason.
  • If a coupon value is higher than the product price, the value of coupon will be reduced to equal the price of the product.

Can I Use More Than One Coupon Per Item?

Yes! This is called coupon stacking.

CVS has store coupons that you CAN stack with a manufacturer coupon.

You can use CVS coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. Manufacturer coupon is abbreviated as MFR.

Do I Pay Tax When I Use Coupons?

Yes, you will pay applicable sales tax on the full price of the item before coupons.

Percentage Off Coupon Rules

CVS will issue percentage off store coupons, such as a coupon for 20% off a $30 purchase.

Percent off coupons may only be use used on non-promotional/non-sale items. Each coupon will have it’s own exclusions printed on it as well.

All About Digital Coupons

You are able to send available deals and coupons to your ExtraCare card from, CVS app, or emails you receive from CVS.

  • To add a coupon to your account: click on the “Send-to-Card” icon and view the success indicator to make sure the coupon loaded.
  • Simply scan your ExtraCare card at the register to use the digital coupons.
  • The cashier will ensure it is applied to that transaction during the checkout process if you

What is the Extra Care Coupon Center?

This is a big machine inside the store sometimes referred to as the Red Coupon Machine.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • Each week you can Scan your CVS ExtraCare card at the ExtraCare Coupon Center to get CVS store coupons. You can use those CVS coupons with manufacturer coupons.
  • Keep scanning until the machine says “Hey Super Scanner! You’ve printed all your coupons” to make sure you get all of them.
  • Coupons are given away randomly and based on shopping habits. Some coupons are given to everyone. It just depends.
  • CVS resets the coupons based on your habits on Monday mornings, so be sure to check back weekly!
  • If you want to see what coupons you have before using the ExtraCare Coupon Center these coupons can be accessed from your CVS account online or the CVS app. You can also print these coupons from home.
  • Keep in mind that you can only use each of these CVS store coupons ONCE.cvscouponmachine

Other Ways to Save

savingsThere are a few more ways you can save more money when couponing at CVS.

Those ways would be:

  • Watching your email for special exclusive coupons.
  • Looking at your receipts for bonus coupons – like Catalina coupons.
  • Checking MyWeekly Ad for sale and ExtraBuck offers.
  • Signing up for BeautyClub – Every $50 spent on beauty gets you $5 in EBs.

Alright, that’s everything you need to know! That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

It may take you a little while to remember everything, but you’ve laid the foundation for success. And that means you’re basically ready to be a pro when it comes to couponing at CVS.

Now go out there and start saving!

More questions? See the full CVS Coupon Policy or leave a comment below.

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