The Ultimate List of New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for 2019 (The Top 50)

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It’s exciting and maybe a little bit scary but it’s true, 2019 will be here soon!

Are you:

Thinking about taking on a New Year’s resolution or two?

Here are 50 New Year’s Resolutions ideas for 2019 to get you started on self-improvement in the new year – one small step at a time.

After all:

A new year represents 364 new opportunities to make a change for the better! 

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for 2019

1. Drink MORE water.

This may be one of the more cliche New Year’s Resolutions ideas…

But, that doesn’t make it a bad one!

We could all use a little more water in our daily lives. You can keep track of your water intake with an app, journal (free printable) or a marked water bottle.

2. Move more, sit less!

Between desk jobs and long commutes, I think we’re all guilty of sitting too much. And it turns out that sitting is the new smoking (it’s terrible for your health!).


Make it a goal to start daily walks, bike rides or running. Just something to get you up and moving a little more often!

3. Explore & travel more.

Take camping trips, visit the next town over, or go to National Parks. There are 5 opportunities in 2019 to visit National Parks for free!

Whatever you do, just shake up your usual routine!

4. Volunteer more.

There a lot of mores on this New Year’s Resolutions list, huh?

Well, that’s because the goal of self-improvement is to enrich our lives, so we have to add MORE to it!

And volunteering time to help improve your community is a great way to give back.

After all:

You can never go wrong with charity work! It definitely bodes well with developing your personal character, too.

5. Send more handwritten letters.

Older folks, like grandparents & aunts/uncles, LOVE getting snail mail.

Brighten a relative days and get in touch with your offline self by sending a few handwritten letters this upcoming year.


Did you know that there are services (like Handwrytten) that hand write letters/cards for you

Pretty neat to know if you’re ever running short on time or you just don’t love your own handwriting.

6. Call mom/siblings/grandparents more.

Be the one who makes the first move!

A phone call is always more personal than a text or email. And people close to you, such as your mom, really appreciate hearing from you.

It’s only because they love you sooooo much. ❤

7. Pick a time to wake up & stick to it!

It’ll be difficult at first with your warm, comfy bed calling to you, but it’ll actually help you get better sleep.

Which in turn, is great for your health!

8. Live simply, only buy what is needed.

You don’t have to go whole hog with a minimalist lifestyle, but try being a little more conscious with your spending decisions.

You’ll end up saving money and decreasing junk clutter in your life. Win-win!

9. Prioritize breakfast.

Make sure to eat all your meals!

10. Turn on music instead of the TV.

I’m the type of person who likes a little white noise in the background when I’m doing stuff. Music is way less distracting and more motivating to me than a show playing. 


There are always better things to be doing than watching TV!

11. Remember your goals and the big picture.

It’d be a shame if all the New Year’s Resolutions planning you did for 2019 went to waste.


Be sure to write down your goals and keep them somewhere where you’ll remember to do them. Like in a planner!

12. Try something new!

This idea is pretty open-ended:

You could try:  yoga, baking, DIY projects, meditation or art classes. The list goes on and on!

What’s something you’ve been wanting to try?

13. Floss your teeth daily.

Your dentist (and teeth) will love for it!

14. Quit one bad habit.

It could be nail-biting, smoking, eating out of boredom, etc.

Just pick one bad habit that’s dragging you down and work on eliminating it from your life. 

You can’t expect perfection overnight, but with consistency, you’re sure to achieve your goal.

15. Go to bed on time.

This circles back to having a set time for waking up every day!


Playing on your phone all night in bed can actually cause negative effects on your health.

16. Take time for self-care.

Out of all of the New Year’s Resolution ideas, this one should be a priority!


Do something nice for yourself once a week. It could be making time to read your favorite book, enjoying a long bath, or treating yourself to a manicure.

Pick something that recharges your batteries BIG time.

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