The Perfect Thoughtful College Graduation Gift Idea for Girls & Guys!

The Perfect Thoughtful College Graduation Gift Idea for Girls & Guys!

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The Perfect Thoughtful College Graduation Gift Idea for Girls & Guys!

Graduation season – it’s happening!

The school year is coming to an end and if you know someone graduating (like me), you’re on the hunt for unique and thoughtful college graduation gift ideas.


How about a gift that can help them with their bills and teach them valuable life skills? That sounds ideal to me (if I was in their shoes)!

So, what kind of gift can provide all that?

The answer is HelloFresh, a meal delivery service! And it’s the perfect gift for girls AND for guys.

First of all:

What struggling young adult wouldn’t like free food?? They can always use a little help when it comes to stretching their budget.

However, this college graduation gift ideas goes beyond just providing dinners.

These meals come in a pre-packaged box directly to doorsteps, with cold packs and insulation to keep everything fresh.

Each meal comes with all the necessary ingredients, and all in recyclable materials (points for earth friendly-ness). They even arrive with the spices you need to cook the meal.

Literally everything besides the tools to prepare the meal are provided for each recipe!

This makes cooking SUPER easy and convenient – which is what busy college grads are likely looking for in a meal.

College Graduation Gift Idea

What Else is Good About HelloFresh?

With it there are different meal type options to choose from! New recipes are rotated in weekly.

Options include your regular restriction-free meals, as well as: beef-free, pork-free and fish/shellfish-free meals. You can also choose Fit, Quick or Variety preferences – all of which have advantages.


They offer a vegetarian box. This box contains fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based sources of protein.

Occasionally, the vegetarian recipes are also vegan (when they are, the recipe is listed as being vegan).

All the choices allow this meal service to fit lots of different diet types! This makes it a flexible college graduation gift idea; it’d be a hit with girls and guys.

College Graduation Gift Idea

Personally as a young 20 something myself, I’ve used this service and really enjoyed it!

I like that the recipe cards are only 6 steps and walk you through the meal cooking process, even teaching new skills along the way.

No special cooking tools are required, which is another reason why it’s perfect. Broke college kids don’t have a lot of cooking tools to begin with.

HelloFresh as a college graduation gift idea will allow them to try new foods and recipes to expand their pallet. I’ve been really surprised at how many meals I liked even though I would have never tried the combinations on my own.

This meal subscription service will give the giftee some healthy variety in their otherwise bland diets.

College Graduation Gift Idea


If they don’t know how to cook, this will teach them!

The 2 person plan is just right to share with a friend or use for leftovers the next day.

My Personal Experience

I have used many meal delivery services, and HelloFresh is my FAV for a variety of reasons.

1. Their boxes always arrive on time.

2. They are packed well, so the ingredients don’t arrive all thrown around.

3. They have the best customer service. If you have any problems, HelloFresh will make sure to correct them immediately.

Say a vegetable that arrives is not as fresh as it should be or an ingredient is missing. Make a simple phone call and consider it fixed.

They have always given me nice subscription credits for even minor issues.

All in all, HelloFresh makes for a great college graduation gift idea! I wish someone would have sent me a few boxes in college (hint hint).

Can I Pay for a HelloFresh Box Once Instead of a Subscription?

Yes! That IS an option, if you don’t want to go with a subscription.

If you don’t want to choose the box and meals ahead of time, then consider purchasing a gift card so your grad can make their own choices.

To purchase the gift card, follow these directions:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click the three dots in the upper-right hand corner and select Gift cards.
3. Choose whether you’d like to give the gift of a Classic, Veggie, or Family box.
4. Follow the prompts to check out.

Check the price to gift a college grad a HelloFresh Subscription or Gift Card here.
They’ll SO love you for it!

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