Ultimate Style Guide for Your Summer Abroad

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Ultimate Style Guide for Your Summer Abroad


You’ve worked hard all year scrimping and saving (missing out on brunch and passing on yoga classes) putting it all aside for your dream vacation abroad.

Well, good news, girl!

All of your sacrifices have paid off and the day you’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here. You are about to embark on the voyage of a lifetime and the last thing you want to do on your Insta-worthy trip is worry about what you’re wearing.

Put your packing anxieties to rest, and check out our suggestions for a few stylish pieces that will elevate your look on your oh-so-deserved summer abroad.

The Outfit

The point of vacation is to relax and have fun – not to spend 20 minutes digging through your suitcase every morning trying to figure out what to wear.

Take wardrobe worry out of the equation this vaca and pack ONLY the clothes you feel and look absolutely amazing in!

Blend in with the locals in a comfy, trendy tie top and sexy white jeans to look like you belong there (and always have).


You can spend those extra 20 mins sipping cappuccinos at a café while flirting with the locals in the language you look super cute trying to speak.

Doesn’t that sound more productive anyway? ?

The Shoes

Some trips are meant for moving. Visiting museums, walking tours of the city, hiking the secluded mountains.


This is not one of those vacations.

Nope! The only hiking you plan to do on your summer abroad is from the gelato stand to your rented loft.

Don’t waste precious suitcase/souvenir storage space with a pair of sneaks you’ll probably never use.


Bring your super stylish and versatile gold python print sandals. They’ll to get you everywhere you’re meant to be.

Trust us, a good pair of trendy sandals will put in the miles on your trip; getting you from morning to evening with grace and worldly charm.

Not to mention, how good they’ll feel on your feet as you walk the cobblestones home after watching the sunrise with a very attentive local.

What more could you ask from a shoe?

The Accessories

The best accessory you can wear on this trip would be that huge, sparkling smile (highlighting your beauty) of course!


For those moments you want to dress up your already perfect look with a pop of fun, I’d suggest a pair of sassy tassel earrings to tie everything together.

Add a spicy bucket bag on your arm to take in the sights and you’ll be catching glances of awe in every direction.

Whatever adventures the next few months hold:

We promise Red Dress Boutique has what you need to help you relax and have fun on your summer abroad.

So go ahead and start planning your best life. Because we have you covered!

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Ultimate Style Guide for Your Summer Abroad

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