Winter Bucket List Ideas 60 Fun Things To Do This Season 1

Winter Bucket List Ideas: 60 Fun Things To Do This Season

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Winter Bucket List Ideas 60 Fun Things To Do This Season 1

A winter bucket list is just the thing you need.


To make sure you don’t miss out any fun or rewarding things to do during these colder months, of course!

After all, winter can be pretty busy with all the holidays. It would certainly be easy to COMPLETELY forget about a favorite wintertime activity – before it’s too late.

That’s why in today’s post, I’ve rounded up 60 fun winter bucket list ideas.

I’ve even made a printable winter bucket list that you can fill out with your own ideas + all 60 of my ideas to inspire you. Grab it for free below!

You can keep it on your refrigerator (or somewhere else where it would be seen every day) to remind you to check things off your list.


60 Fun Winter Bucket List Ideas

#1. Have a snowball fight.

#2. Dress your pet in a festive sweater – even if only long enough to snap a few pictures.

A doggy sweater, a pair of kitty antlers or a Santa hat is sure to make for a funny holiday card.

#3. Eat at least one candy cane.

What do you like?

Traditional peppermint candy canes, or something different? Like Oreo candy canes or pickle flavored ones?

#4. Go stargazing on a snowy night.

#5. Drink spiked eggnog at a holiday get together.

#6. Use an outdoor hot tub.

Or get your own portable hot tub.

#7. Take a hike and have a picnic in a forest.

#8. Read a book by a fireplace.

#9. Go snowboarding or skiing.

#10. Go to or host a holiday and/or a New Year’s party.

#11. Kiss someone outside while it’s snowing.

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#12. Volunteer your time at homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

#13. Scoop an elderly person’s or a neighbors driveway.

#14. Wear toe socks.

Toe socks: like gloves for your feet.

#15. Try snowshoeing.

#16. Go to a local sports event like a basketball or hockey game.

#17. Swap out your pajamas for flannel ones.

There’s nothing like being extra warm on a cold night in a pair of ultra-comfortable PJs.

Here are the best PJ sets on Amazon under $25 right now – for women and men.

#18. Eat lots of soup.

#19. Check out all the best Christmas lights in your town.

#20. Go ice skating.

#21. Have a movie marathon on an especially cold day.

#22. Decorate for the holidays.

#23. Plan & take a weekend trip out of town.

#24. Find a hilarious gift to bring to a white elephant party.

Like this mug, these ornaments or this.

#25. Run in a one mile race or 5k.

Find a race near you here.

#26. Make peanut brittle or peppermint bark.

Or make Pecan Christmas Crack or Gingerbread Bark or…

#27. Get creative with making a gingerbread house.

Here are some cute gingerbread house ideas.

#28. Build a snowman.

#29. Take a photo with Santa.

#30. Take a one day break from electronics.

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#31. Give small acts of kindness whenever you can.

#32. Watch your favorite holiday movie.

My favorites include: Elf, A Christmas Story and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

#33. Eat at your favorite restaurant when you were a kid.

#34. Wear sweaters and layers often.

Ugly Christmas sweaters anyone?

#35. Give a gift to someone who really needs it.

#36. Have a winter photo shoot for your holiday cards.

#37. Mail your homemade holiday cards.

#38. Bake your favorite holiday cookies.

I always like these ones.

#39. Pick a New Years resolution that you can stick to.

#40. Play a board game with your family.

#41. Wrap gifts.

#42. Wear matching pajamas with your significant other or friends.

How about two pairs of sloth pajamas or something a little less silly?

#43. Make a blanket fort and take a nap in it.

#44. Go for a walk when it’s snowing.

#45. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

#46. Make a slow cooker, comfort meal.

#47. Watch the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee and wrapped in blankets.

#48. Try a new group fitness class.

#49. Make a snow angel.

#50. Participate in a secret Santa gift exchange.

#51. Take a relaxing bath by candle light.

Use a few tea lights and a scented candle of your choice.

#52. Find a hot spring to take a dip in.

#53. Eat cinnamon rolls.

#54. Drink hot cocoa or hot cider.

My favorite kind.

#55. Go sledding at night with friends.

#56. Find a new favorite alcoholic drink.

#57. Feed reindeer.

#58. Have an epic Galentines Day.

#59. Attend a winter parade.

#60. Spend the night in a warm, cozy cabin.

So, what are you going to be adding to YOUR winter bucket list? All 60 bucket list ideas or just a few?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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Winter Bucket List Ideas 60 Fun Things To Do This Season

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