Why Wooden Watches Are My Go-To Unique Fashion Accessory

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Wooden Watches

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored conversation for JORD (woodwatches.com). However all thoughts, experiences & opinions are my own.

Spring is here! It’s finally starting to feel that way weather wise, too thank goodness.

Now of course with the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of the wardrobe and accessories.

This year:

My new favorite fashion accessory for spring (or really anytime of the year) has gotta be a wooden watch.

Beautiful watches have always been chic, but a wooden one – now that’s unique. But not overly so, you know?

It strikes a good balance between minimalist style and flashy luxury.

So which wooden watches am I into?

Specifically, JORD’s line of wooden watches. They are unlike any other watches I’ve encountered before.

And that’s a good thing!

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Wooden Watches

Why Wooden Watches Are My Go-To Unique Fashion Accessory

I’m gonna layout some reasons why I totally love these JORD watches.

And for starters…

1. These Watches are BEAUTIFUL


It’s obvious to me, but I mean just LOOK at those pictures!

The design of the watch face in itself is very attractive. And, I love how the inner workings of it are visible on this Dover series one I have pictured.

How often do you see a watch that lets you take a peak inside of it as the gears are turning? Not many in my experience!


The stained wooden links really work to serve as a wonderful contrast with the copper watch face. It’s an eye catching time piece, without being gaudy.

All of the watches designed by JORD are designed in a way that captures minimalism and timelessness all in one.

They have ladies watches and men’s watches with distinctive designs not offered elsewhere. Their watches are one of a kind in the best of ways.

Wooden Watches

2. Wooden Watches are Comfy

One feature that I didn’t anticipate about these unique watches:

Was how LIGHT one felt on my wrist compared to others I’ve worn before.

Wood is naturally not as heavy as metal (my silly brain didn’t think about this ahead of time) and I found the watch to be uber comfortable for all day wear.

3. They’re Also Durable

You know those tops that have special washing instructions?

I don’t know how many times I’ve shrunk a favorite top because I forgot to sort it out of my regular laundry pile. I’m sure you’ve been there too, and it SUCKS to spend money on something nice only to accidentally ruin it later.


JORD wooden watches are durable and MADE for everyday wear.

Normal wear and use includes being splash proof to kitchen activities, a day at the beach or sweating at the gym. Note that full submergence in water is not recommended, however.

The glass watch face is made of Sapphire (a synthetic crystal), which is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth.

No worrying about treating it like a delicate flower!


I know that the last thing I need is another item to baby. I’m SO glad I don’t need to do that with this watch.

Wooden Watches

4. JORD Watches are Eco Friendly

Not only are these watches made from sustainably-harvested woods (like maple and olive):

But, they are also free of plastic and batteries!

These watches are mechanically powered, which means no worrying about buying replacement batteries or properly recycling the old one.


In a plastic heavy world where we have a have a giant trash island floating in the ocean, I consider products devoid of it being a HUGE plus.

One way to let companies know that we care about the future of our planet, is to “vote” with our dollars by shopping at eco-conscious retailers. I try to do that whenever I can.


The wood used for these handcrafted watches is UNtreated wood. That means no toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health will be rubbing up against your skin.

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Wooden Watches

5. They Come With a One Year Warranty

JORD makes their watches with lots of care and skill.


If there was a defect in the workmanship of a watch, they will repair the timepiece or band free of charge.

I’m all about brands that stand behind the quality of their products, I believe it’s a hallmark of truly caring about the customer’s satisfaction.

6. Finally, They’re Not Too Expensive

Wooden Watches

I’m also all about finding good deals and I think these watches aren’t too expensive for what they are.

When it comes to fashion and stylish accessories, if you go too cheap the item usually doesn’t last long.

And when it comes to high end watches:

They can easily cost $1,000 and over. JORD wooden watches range in price from $149 – $495.

For the quality and craftsmanship, I find the cost to be a good middle ground.

Not so expensive that it’s unattainable for most.


It’s a bit of an investment, but the quality is sure to pay for itself in the years of wear to come.

Unique Watches: A Great Gift for Mom, Dad or Yourself

Mother’s day and Father’s day are not too far away, and now that you know all reasons why JORD wooden watches make killer fashion accessories…

…you MAY just have found the perfect gift idea to treat mom or dad with on their special day.

JORD even offers engraving services so you can personalize the gift with a saying or quote that has special meaning. 

And Moms:

They especially LOVE it when you add in a little something extra like that. It really lets her know how much you care.

Well, at least my mom appreciates stuff like that!

But hey:

Why stop at just gifting a wooden watch to a loved one?

Show yourself a little love by getting a stylish, new accessory to flash this season. You don’t need any special reason; treat yo’ self just ’cause.

Wooden Watches

Now It’s Time for a Giveaway!

On that note:

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with JORD  for a giveaway. Enter right here!

One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift code!


Just for entering you’ll get a 10% off gift code. This giveaway will end on June 3rd at 11:59pm CDT.

Check out the ladies watches and men’s watches to decide which one you’ll get if YOU win. This contest has ended.

And let me know which watch style you like most! 

Leave me a comment below, I promise I won’t bite. ?

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