9 Ways to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys

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9 ways to get free stuff without surveys

Does getting free stuff without surveys sound too good to be true?

Don’t worry, there ARE ways to avoid survey sites and still reap the sweet, sweet free rewards.

Even better:

Taking advantage of these free offers is easier than one might expect.

I have a budget to live within, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to score free stuff.

And, the no-survey-required kind of freebies are my favorite kind of freebies!

Luckily, there are lots of ways to get free stuff without surveys.

I get free stuff regularly using these 9 methods.

9 Ways to Get Free Stuff – Without Surveys

free stuff without surveysFree Stuff Without Surveys | How to Get | Freebies & Samples

The run down:

Redbox gives out FREE Rental and Game codes all the time.

Sign up for the Redbox Play Pass Rewards Program to earn free rentals and to get surprise offers.

This means:

Cheap date nights…

…or good ol’ free entertainment.

free stuff without surveys9 Ways to Get Free Stuff Without Surveys

If you sign up for JCPenney rewards, you will get GREAT coupons.

And get this:

They are notorious for sending out $10 off a $10 purchase coupons.

Head to their clearance section with one of those bad boys, and you can find something around $10. I once scored a Carter’s baby outfit for FREE, to gift to an expecting friend.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to get free stuff without surveys.

You can sign up here, make sure to opt in to receive communications. I get the $10 off coupons in the mail and in emails.

free stuff without surveysFree Stuff Without Surveys | How to Get | Freebies & Samples

Pinchme is awesome and free to sign up for.

A Pinchme account will get you access to free samples, each and every month.


These are GOOD size samples, sometimes they are even FULL size products. Last month I got a full size dry spray deodorant – I just saved myself $5!

Once you register for an account, you’ll need to verify your email so you can get started.

After that, you’ll take a survey. This is so Pinchme can learn what you like and choose samples to offer you. On sample day, you’ll have the opportunity to choose 5 samples that you’re interested in.

Here’s the important part:

After you receive your Pinchme box of samples, make sure to leave feedback in your account.

If you leave feedback, you are eligible for more the next month. If you don’t complete your feedback, they are likely to pass you over.

free stuff without surveysFree Stuff Without Surveys | How to Get | Freebies & Samples

Signing up for freeamples when they are offered online is another nice way to get free stuff.

It may take awhile to get them, but when they start rolling in you’ll be glad you signed up for them.

What’s so great about sample?

A couple of things.

Samples of shampoo and conditioner generally last for 2- 4 uses, saving you from having to buy it before you know if you like it.

Keep ordering them and you’ll build up a nice stock pile. If nothing else – they can be a life saver when you unexpectedly run out of shampoo.

You can also get lotion, bandaids, contact solution, deodorant & more as samples.

Even better:

Samples by mail can be FULL size products, too.

I even post these sample offers on the website, under “FREEBIES“.

free stuff without surveysFree Stuff Without Surveys | How to Get | Freebies & Samples

Yep, you read that right.

You CAN get free food from restaurants.

For example, in the past Chipotle put out a text offer that gave you free burrito. Dairy Queen will sometimes offer free cones, too.

To get you started:

Check out my list of Restaurant Freebies and my list of free stuff you can get on birthday.

free stuff without surveysfree stuff without surveys

Some newsletters and direct mail services reward you more than others.

When you sign up for Bath & Body Works’ mailing list, you can score free products and usually with no purchase needed!

These freebies are super easy to score, I receive them in my mailbox near monthly.

To get on the mailing list for Bath & Body Works coupons:

  • Sign up in store with an employee and make sure to give them your mailing address in addition to your email address.
  • OR, go to the Contact Page on the Bath & Body Works website. Then select “Add to Direct Mail” from the drop down menu and fill out the form.

Once you’ve submitted your info, you should start receiving BBW coupons in the mail 10 – 21 business days later. Awesome!

I even provide my newsletter subscribers with free stuff:

Printable resources geared towards college students, those who want to save money and those who love being organized.

Check out some of what’s available to subscribers here.

free stuff without surveysFree Stuff Without Surveys | How to Get | Freebies & Samples

Some words I live by:

“Never pay for magazine subscriptions.”

There are offers always for free magazines.

Here’s the kicker:

These freebie offers DO NOT require your credit card information. There will be no unexpected charges when the subscription runs out.

The free offers are usually 1 – 2 year subscriptions, and all you need to do fill out a mailing form to claim them.

At the end of the term they will send a renewal notice – just rip it up! Because you don’t need to renew, chances are a new offer will come again.

Find the latest free magazine subscriptions on the website, under “FREEBIES“.

free stuff without surveys

The 7-Eleven app is a great way to get free stuff without surveys.

In the app, there are often offers for free Slurpees, candy bars, ice cream, muffins and more.

These are completely FREE – no purchase required. All you do is activate them and scan them on your mobile device at the register.

As an added bonus:

Using the app will also qualify you for their 7Rewards program. After you buy 6 drinks, the 7th is free.

free stuff without surveysfree stuff without surveys

If you’re a frequent soda drinker, you could start earning nice freebies.

Coke Rewards is a program that is easy to use and easy to reap the rewards. It has been recently revamped, so if you didn’t like it before it’s worth giving it another shot.

Redeem codes from coke products to get free stuff like:

  • Amazon egift cards
  • Codes for dollar amounts off at online retailers
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • AMC Theaters concession coupons
  • Theme park tickets
  • Donations to charities and schools

Additionally, there are sweepstakes and giveaways you can enter. They are currently (10/24/17) offering sweepstakes for VIP football experiences, pre-paid gift cards and movie subscriptions.

There are new freebie offers periodically and you can see when they expire, as well.

EXTRA TIP: Enter sweepstakes – I have actually gotten a lot of free stuff just from playing sweepstakes! You don’t need to play them all. I like to be picky: I just play instant win and daily play sweepstakes only. Text offers are the best – they take about 30 seconds and usually have lots of winners.

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  1. It is great free things .. My husband and i are using samples from the hotel vacations. Thay do save money . Also save your change in a can. It payed for vacation.

  2. I would love to try and get free stuff money is very tight I would appreciate alot and tell my friends about your products thank you so much Janet

  3. I’m going to try it your way . I get so frustrated answering the exact same questions over and over, I want to pull someone’s hair! I wouldn’t really.

    1. I understand your frustration Candi. Answering the same questions over and over again, only to not even ‘qualify’ for the surveys – it’s enough to make anyone want to pull out their hair!

  4. This will be my LAST try at ANY site for FREEBIES. All I have received is an EMAIL pile up and a bunch of annoying calls. PLEASEEEE be for real.

    1. Hi Rita, sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences with other freebie sites. I personally use all the methods I have listed above to score freebies.

    1. Hey Tammy, these are for real! I personally use theses methods to score freebies. 🙂