24 Things That Are Always Free With Coupons + 6 Things That Are Super Cheap!

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9. Ken’s Dressing

Ken’s Salad Dressings can usually be had for free or close to it! Watch your newspaper for coupons to save on it.

Pair the coupon with a few coupon app offers to get the lowest price – which often ends up being zero dollars!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

10. Magazines

No coupons needed for this freebie! There are offers for free magazine subscriptions ALL THE TIME.

No credit card info is needed either, no strings attached. The only thing you need to provide is your mailing address.

It does take a few weeks for your first issue to arrive, but it is SO much better than paying for them. See all the latest free magazine subscription offers here.

11. Almay Make Up

At least 3 – 4 times a year Almay will release high-value coupons to save on their make up. Pair these nice coupons with sales and store rewards offers to score free cosmetics!

The types of make up that ends of being free will usually be: eyeshadow singles or make up remover.

12.  Movie Tickets

Okay so I do sometimes pay for movie tickets, but I still capitalize on the free ones I can get.

Fandango puts out Buy One Get One Free offers for movie tickets pretty often.


Sometimes Fandango will give out tickets for completely free! Advanced movie screenings are a great way to see new movies for free, but they are not offered in all cities.

One last way to score free movie tickets is to watch for product promotions.

With a past Skittles promotion, you could earn a free movie ticket when you bought 6 bags; which is cheaper than your average ticket + you get candy!

13. Obscure Products

Included in the things that are always free with coupons are new or obscure products.

Seems random…?

Well, here why: Retailers and manufacturers will put out coupons and savings offers to PROMOTE awareness about their products.

In turn, consumers are more likely to try the new products – because they end up being free (or darn close to free).

14. Photo Prints

Walgreen’s puts out promo codes for free 8×10 photo prints pretty regularly (reg. $3.99). In-store pick is available, too, which means no shipping costs!

Use the free codes to print favorite family photos or print something like free NASA posters.

Here’s an example of an old promo code (no longer valid).

15. Redbox Movie & Game Rentals

Free Redbox rentals are commonplace. They send out promo codes via texts.

These promo codes can be good for one free rental or an amount off of the price. If you sign up for the Text Club you will get also exclusive, individual offers!

Example of a past (expired) deal.

16. Shampoo/Conditioner/Stylers

A really good deal on Shampoo, Conditioner and other hair styling products is never far away! Stock up on your favorite though, as they tend to go on sale in cycles.

17. Shave Gel

There are plenty of coupon deals to pick up shave gel for free!


Depending on the store you can even make off with a nice money maker.

Things That Are Always Free With Coupons

I LOVE being able to get all these things for free with coupons! And not just occasionally, I\'m able to get them for free regularly. #coupons #free #freebies #couponing #hacks #frugal #frugalliving

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