45 January Scholarships Completely Worth Applying For

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College Scholarships That are Due in January!

January scholarships to apply for this winter break!

scholarships due in January, January college scholarships

The hunt for college scholarships never ends – not even when you’re on a break from school!

In fact:

Now is the perfect time to put in some time applying for grants and funds to pay for your college education.

Without all the stress and pressure from college courses, applying for monetary aid is just a little bit easier.


January Scholarships for 2020

That’s why I rounded up 45 scholarships due in January that you can apply for!

The deadlines vary from the beginning of the month, all the way to the end. I even grouped them by due dates to make seeing which ones you can apply for right now super simple.

I hope these 2020 scholarships are FULL of good, college money luck for you!


College Scholarships Due in January

Due in Early January

  1. NACME Scholarships – Varies (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  2. NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Project – $18,000 $24,000 (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  3. Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship – $35,000 (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  4. Carr & Weatherby Scholarship for At-Risk Youth – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 1st)
  5. Debt.com Scholarship – $500 (Deadline Jan. 2nd)
  6. Lois Britt Memorial Pork Industry Scholarship Program – $2,500 (Deadline Jan. 4th)
  7. NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 4th)
  8. National Don’t Wait to Reach Your Potential Scholarship – $500 (Deadline Jan. 4th)
  9. Alabama Don’t Wait to Reach Your Potential Scholarship – $500 (Deadline Jan. 4th)
  10. Mercatus Joseph Schumpeter Undergraduate Fellowship – $1,000 per semester (Deadline Jan. 6th) 
  11. AAMI Foundation Scholarship – $3,000 (Deadline Jan. 7th)
  12. NJ Society of CPAs One-Year Scholarship – $6,000 (Deadline Jan. 7th)
  13. DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship – $31,200 (Deadline Jan. 9th)
  14. Ron Brown Scholar Program – $10,000 per year (Deadline Jan. 9th)
  15. APIASF General Scholarship Program – $20,000 (Deadline Jan. 10th)


Mid-January Scholarship Deadlines

  1. One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest– Up to $1,000 (Deadline January 13th)
  2. Citizens National Bank Scholarship- SELU – Amount Varies (Deadline Jan. 15th – flexible)
  3. Case Western Theater Scholarship – $10,000 – Full Ride (Deadline Jan. 15th)
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship – $8,500 (Deadline Jan. 15th)
  5. Scholarships4mom.net Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 15th)
  6. CNC Machines Manufacturing Scholarship – $2,500 (Deadline Jan. 17th)
  7. Colvin Scholarship, Graduate – $7,500 (Deadline Jan. 18th)
  8. Colvin Scholarship, Undergraduate – $7,500 (Deadline Jan. 18th)
  9. Lou and Carole Prato Sports Reporting Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 18th)
  10. Perinatal Graduate Nursing Scholarships – $5,000 (Deadline Jan. 19th)
  11. California Association of Collectors Educational Scholarship Foundation – $1500 – $2,500 (Deadline Jan. 20th)


Scholarships to Turn in by Late January 2020

  1. Arthur W. Pense Scholarship – $3,000 (Deadline Jan. 21st)
  2. James F. Reville Scholarship – $1,500 per semester (Deadline Jan. 21st)
  3. Orange Scholars Scholarship Program – $2,500 (Deadline Jan. 22nd)
  4. Mary E. Bivins Foundation Scholarships – $2,500 – $3,500 (Deadline Jan. 25th)
  5. Tempe Diablos Charities – $8,000 (Deadline Jan. 25th)
  6. New York Women in Communications Scholarship – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 25th)
  7. NPS Civilian Master’s Degree Scholarship – Full Ride + Salary (Deadline Jan. 25th)
  8. NLM Associate Fellowship Program – $56,233 per year (Deadline Jan. 25th)
  9. Technology Addiction Awareness – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 30th)
  10. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 30th)
  11. ASA Minority Fellowship Program – $18,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  12. Judith Heavenrich Memorial Scholarship– Amount Varies (January 31st)
  13. Association of Women in Mathematics Essay Scholarship Contest– Amount Varies (January 31st)
  14. 10 Words or Less Scholarship – $500 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  15. Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Sweepstakes – $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  16. I Have a Dream Scholarship – $1,500 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  17. ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  18. Microsoft Scholarship Program – $25,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  19. Professional Business Women of California Scholarship for Young Women – up to $10,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  20.  eQuality Scholarship – $6,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)
  21. Estella Morales Youth Scholarship – $1,000 (Deadline Jan. 31st)



That’s all 45 of the opportunities to win money for school I have for you today.

My final tip:

Big and small awards add up, so don’t pass up any “little” ones you qualify for. Though honestly, most of these January Scholarships are worth quite a bit!


Let me know which these Scholarships with January deadlines you applied for!


Lists of scholarships:


January college scholarships - pin it for later

College scholarships that all have January deadlines in 2019! January Scholarships

45 January scholarships to apply for this year! College stduents who need money to pay for school should apply for these scholarships due in January. Get to applying early by clicking to read this article!#scholarship #scholarships #2019 #college #student #collegelife

45 January Scholarships Completely Worth Applying For

College scholarships that all have January deadlines in 2019! Click to apply and see all 45 scholarships! #scholarship #scholarships #2019 #college #student #collegelife

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  1. My daughter’s and I are always looking for scholarships. After all the time we put into it we always come out with not finding any. We are a middle class, caucasian family and get no help. It gets harder to accept every time we go through scholarships.

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