13 Last Minute Costumes for Guys with Beards That are Actually Pretty Clever

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Borderline genius Halloween costumes for guys with beards

If you’re in pinch these last minute costumes for guys with beards will help you out big time.

3 guys with beards wearing lumberjack costumes for Halloween

Deciding what to dress up as for Halloween can be challenging. And especially so when the pressure is on because you’re limited on time.

Whether you procrastinated, changed your mind about participating in Halloween, or simply had a change in plans –

You can still pull off a kick-ass look!

Below you’ll find awesome Halloween costume ideas for guys (like you) who have no interest in shaving off their glorious beards.

Last Minute Costumes for Guys with Beards

1. Yukon Cornelius

side by side of Yukon Cornelius and guy dressed as the character for Halloween
“My brother killed Halloween, I’m weak” – @whalenator

When it comes to characters with beards for Halloween:

Yukon Cornelius (from the classic movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) is a top choice. Guys with red to red-ish facial hair are a perfect fit.


2. Mr. T

guy wearing Mr. T Halloween costume
“‘I pity the fool.’ – Mr. T” –@hollimom76

Now onto an icon reference from the next decade – the one and only, Mr. T.

Not only is this 80’s costume super cool, it’s really simple to DIY at the last second. A++ for style.


3. Down-On-His-Luck Where’s Waldo

Creativity will take you far when parting with your beard is just not an option.

Case and point:

This unique spin on Where’s Waldo!


4. Macho Man Randy Savage

Oh yeahhh, throw it back to your favorite WWE star!

This costume idea is too hot to handle, too cold to hold!


5. Bob Ross

There are no mistakes, only happy accidents. If you need a couples costume it doesn’t get much better than this idea.


6. An Ewok

bearded man in ewok halloween costume
“Always pushing Ewok energy on this day with my favourite ever Halloween costume.” – @ScottieDude

An Ewok is the most logical Halloween costume choice for guys with brown facial hair. Check out how seamlessly the beard blends in – the execution is flawless!


7. Princess Leia

And while we’re on the subject of Star Wars –

This Princess Leia costume is a big mood, so take note! His beard really complements the hair buns.


8. Conor McGregor

side by side comparison of man in halloween costume and conor mcgregor
“Happy fookin Halloween!” –@Boxilll89

You should probably never meet your heroes…

But you can still dress up like them for Halloween. Ask a friend to draw on the tattoos (with washable markers hopefully) and go big or go home with this flashy idea!


9. The Brawny Man

3 guys dressed as the Brawny man for Halloween
“An awesome #halloweekend safe from spills and stains of all kinds! 💪🏼” –@raffettorealestate

When it comes to wardrobe pieces, I’m convinced that flannel button-ups are the ultimate standard issue for all men. They go with everything and can always be dressed up or down.

So, it only makes sense why the Brawny Man is a classic Halloween look for men.

As shown, it can be rocked with or without a beard! But it’s clear opting to keep the beard will make you a dead ringer for the inspiration.


10. Wonder Whoa-Man

guy with beard wearing last minute wonder woman costume
“Wonder Whoa-Man!!” –@jerrmcc

A last minute costume for bearded guys who are more in touch with their feminine side and aren’t afraid to show it.

The chest hair is a nice touch, really sells the whole look. And don’t get me started on the costume craftsmanship, it’s honestly impressive!


11. Silent Bob

couple wearing Silent Bob inspired Halloween costumes
“Happy Halloween 🎃 dreams do come true Sean is silent for a night” – @marthajean_mo

…no comment.


12. DIY Wolverine

Take off your shirt, grab some knives from your kitchen, put on a scowl and wa-la! Your costume is complete in record time!


13. Tour Guide

guy in last minute tour guide costume
“Hi my name is Greg and I am going to be your tour guide tonite.” –@beardedbearista

It’ll be up to you to make sure no one in your friend group strays too far.

Don’t forget the clipboard:

It makes you look like you have important things to do. And obviously, on a night like Halloween, you certainly do.


Conclusions on last minute Halloween costumes for guys with beards

So that wraps up this post with last minute costumes for guys with beards. Which idea did you like best and what are you going to dress up as for Halloween this year?


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