53 Fantastic Box of Sunshine Ideas for Spreading Happiness

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14) Sunshine Gift for The Boyfriend

cute box of sunshine sent to a boyfriend
Via Instagram @amazonnjackk

I don’t know of any boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives who wouldn’t be delighted to find this waiting for them.

15) Little Box, Big Smiles

smiling woman holding a box of sunshine from her sister
Via Instagram @gabrielle_ks

The proof is in the pudding – sunshine boxes spread happiness!

16) For the Love of Yellow

Via @amt-95 on VSCO

All the cute yellow things sent to brighten a special someone’s day!

17) Sending Love & Support

gift idea to send to a friend
Via Instagram @theroyalfamily2005

Being thoughtful comes in all different shapes and forms. We all have our “flavor” so to speak.

18) Sweet College Care Package Idea

yellow items to put in sunshine care package for a college student
Via Instagram @always_unique_creations

College students will for sure make good use out of anything you send.

19) Little Miss Sunshine Gift Basket

yellow themed gift box
Via Instagram @letsboxit

Little Miss Sunshine is the perfect mascot for boxes full of sunshine!

20) Only Rainbows After Rain

sunshine box ideas for a good friend
Via Instagram @messy_mama86

Rainbows can only come after rain, right?

21) Sent With Love

care package with hand drawn sun & "box of sunshine"
Via Instagram @sarahoutandaboutblog

Being artistically inclined is not a requirement for a care package – just do your best. I’m sure whoever you’re sending it to will love it all the same.

22) Tea-riffic Idea

box with a mug that say you're tea-riffic, yellow gifts, and sticky notes with nice messages
Via Twitter @bailey_estep2

If you want to find that exact mug (and I don’t blame you, it’s SO cute) try looking on eBay. From what I can tell, the original is no longer in production. 🙁

23) Thx Mom

yellow gift care package for student with printable sun
Via @o-dob on VSCO

It’s common for college kids to feel homesick during their freshman year. But a little something from mom in the mail can make all the difference.

24) Super Sunshine in a Box

a handmade sunshiney box with yellow goodies to spread happiness
Via Instagram @_jennifer.salem_

Yellow is often linked to a positive mood, so the more the better!

25) Finals Care Package

finals care package for a college student. everything in it is yellow
Via Twitter @bailey_estep2

If I’d received something this nice during finals in college, I probably would have cried (tears of happiness).

26) Co-Worker Well Wishes

happy care package to brighten your day
Via Instagram @paula.faye

Never forget that the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts.


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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for sharing such a kind of article on thoughtful gifts. I like the “Just a Little Box of Sunshine”. My boyfriend once surprised me with this gift. I really liked getting this gift.