girl smiling in striped top

Easy Halloween Costumes for College: 43 Creative Ideas for Girls

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(Not Basic) College Girl Halloween Costumes

All the best easy Halloween costumes for college in 2021. Quick outfit ideas for cute, funny, and hot party ready looks.

girl smiling in striped top

Halloween is popular in America but, according to a study by YouGov, it’s especially popular with the younger crowd. Really though, that’s not a surprise.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Millennials and Gen X’ers (AKA college students) LOVE to celebrate this holiday.

When October rolls around:

College girls (and guys) are looking forward to parties, festivities, and good times with friends.

Choosing what type of outfit vibe you want to go with and what to wear is a big part of the fun. But not everyone has time to plan an elaborate Halloween costume.


Less can definitely be more!

Down below is a list of easy and creative girl costumes for Halloween. Look your best at a college party by copying one of these amazingly uncomplicated ideas!

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Best College Halloween Costumes

If you’re in a rush:

Here are our top three favorite picks for the best costumes that are sure to turn heads at college Halloween parties.

1. Astronaut

pair of college girls in shiny one-piece suits dressed as astronauts for Halloween
Via VSCO @annagziegler

An astronaut is a timeless and iconic idea that never goes out of style.

There’s plenty of space to explore with this costume as there are loads of different variations & styles you can choose from. I’m digging the raver inspired look these college girls are wearing – the space buns are perfect!

Whether you’re looking for something vintage, futuristic, or just brilliantly lazy, this costume will go down well at any party.


2. Shrek & Donkey

Or more accurately pronounced – Shreek and Donkayy.

I cannot even begin to describe how much joy this photo brings me. This costume idea is truly *chefs kiss*.


3. Playboy Bunny

college girl dressed as playboy bunny for halloween
Via VSCO @mirandamarks

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you have to. 😜

Bunnies are known for their cuteness and Playboy has been around for decades, so it’s no surprise this outfit made the list. The Playboy bunny is a classic Halloween costume for a reason after all.

This idea will have you looking and feeling terrific all night long! Just be sure to keep a robe or parka with you just in case.


Cute Halloween Costumes for College Girls

4. Magically Low-Effort Unicorn

sparkly unicorn easy girl costume
Via Instagram @chailawaila

Copy this idea:
Metallic Crop Top | Metallic Leggings | Unicorn Headband

– “Throw some glitter, make it rain on ‘em?.”

I love the concept of this Unicorn costume. All the sparkly fun without any hassle!


5. Barbie Halloween Costume

college girl in Barbie costume sitting
Via Instagram @gracecarrrr

Even Barbie likes to party!

It really doesn’t take much to pull this outfit together and chances are you have almost everything needed. If nothing else, it’s is a great excuse to wear pink.

See if you can find a vintage “Barbie” shirt at a thrift store or maybe in a box of your aunts old clothes.


6. DIY Mermaid Costume College Girl Style

example of easy mermaid halloween costume for college girls
Via VSCO @kennedyrhea
group of college girls dressed as pink and blue mermaids for halloween
Via VSCO @evelawless
college couple wearing mermaid and pirate halloween costumes
Via VSCO @aubreehollenbaughh

Be a mermaid for Halloween and you’re guaranteed to make waves. 🌊

This is a fabulous idea for BFFs, the entire friend crew, and couples.


7. Starbucks Drinks

College girl dressed at Starbucks cup, front of outfit
Via Instagram @beyond__creative
Starbucks girl costume, back of outfit
Via Instagram @beyond__creative

“Got promoted from a barista to a hot drink”

Halloween costumes don’t get any more budget friendly than this.


Source a white shirt from the nearest guy (he probably has too many anyway), fire up your printer, grab a sharpie, and get to work!


8. Eleven from Stranger Things

college girl dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things
Via Instagram @suburbanmango

Copy this idea:
Denim Jacket | Tube Socks | Light Pink Dress

Pay homage to your favorite Netflix series with this impressively cute costume. This look can be done with a wig or (if you feel like really committing) you can shave your head. 


It’s super easy to come across denim jackets at a second hand store.  


9. Lola Bunny Outfit

girl wearing Lola Bunny Halloween costume
Via Instagram @fabivee

Copy this idea:
Bunny Ears Headband | “Tune Squad” Tank | Dolphin Shorts

Remember watching Space Jam as a kid?

This is one of my favorite college costumes for Halloween! Lola Bunny is the perfect mix of cute and flirty.


10. 80’s Fitness Instructor

college girl wearing bright 80s workout clothing
Via Instagram @meggylifts

Copy this idea:
Hot Pink Sports Bra | Retro Fanny Pack | Neon Windbreaker

– “Power moves only!”

Love the 80’s and the aerobic videos that came out the era? Channel it on Halloween night!

If your wardrobe already has a few neon pieces, recreating this look will be a piece of cake.


11. Modern Dorothy

woman in blue yoga pants and plaid crop top
Via Instagram @mytrainercarmen

Copy this idea:
Ruffle Top | Blue Leggings 

This year, you can skip buying the overdone, demure Dorothy costume.


For a quick look you can pair leggings, a cute top, and braids. Bonus points for a tiny doggo in a basket, of course.


12. DIY Bratz Dolls Costumes

two college girls dressed as Bratz dolls
Via Instagram @amyserrano

Copy this idea:
Black Beret | Rhinestone Choker Necklace | Faux Fur Jacket | Skinny Cat Eye Sunglasses

Barbie vs Bratz, which side are you on?

If the former was your go-to growing up, this doll inspired look is for you. So easy to coordinate with a friend, too!


13. Last-Minute Lilo

Girl in Lilo grass skirt costume holding Stitch
Via Twitter @MaddyisynStocks

Copy this idea:
Tube Top | DIY Leaf Crown | DIY Simple Grass Skirt

– “Happy Halloween from lilo and stitch”

I think we can all agree:

Disney characters always = cute Halloween costumes college girls can rock.

This Lilo costume is a quick DIY project that’s sure to have you looking adorable.


14. Nani (from Lilo & Stitch)

girl with orange crop top and cut of jean shorts
Via Instagram @kieraplease

Copy this look:
Crop Top | Iron On Heart | Bermuda Jean Shorts

For a different version of cute:

This character costume for Halloween is simple but amazing. Everything you need for the outfit could be easily found at a thrift store, too!


15. Riverdale Vixens

Riven two girls in Vixens Halloween costume
Via Instagram @mesciatwinsofficial

Copy these college girl costumes:
Black Dolphin Shorts | Yellow Tube Socks | Baseball Tee

Riverdale is still popular (though the seasons only continue to get more wild) and this costume is on trend.

Vixens are a great matching costume idea for bffs or even the whole girl gang!


16. BFF Girl Costume Idea: Thelma & Louise 

two college girls, one shirt says Thelma & the other Louise
Via Instagram @thesaltyblonde

Copy this idea with your best friend:
Daisy Dukes | Aviator Sunglasses | Thelma & Louise Shirts

Thelma and Louise are the perfect college costumes for ride or die besties.


17. Beret Girl from The Goofy Movie

girl taking selfie in bodysuit and beret
Via Twitter @wootjoanna

Black is staple in my wardrobe and I know I’m not the only one. 

This easy girl Halloween costume is a low-key Disney WIN.


18. PB&J Easy Girl Halloween Costumes

peanut butter and jelly shirts on women
Via Pinterest, source unknown

Copy this idea:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Shirts

An idea for best friends who go together like PB&J.


19. Grown Up Wednesday Addams

easy Wednesday Adams costume
Via Twitter @mafe644

Copy this idea:
Mini Skater Skirt | Pan Collar Sweater

Wednesday Addams should be one of the Patron Saints of this Holiday.

You can let your Resting Bitch Face shine with this costume!!


20. Scully from the X-Files

Scully X-Files Halloween costume
Via Twitter @@_Kenziepuff

Copy this idea:
Mulder, It’s Me Shirt | Black Blazer

X-Files fans rejoice – becoming Scully has never been easier. This is a top costume choice for natural redheads. 


Funny College Girl Halloween Costumes

21. But That’s None of My Business Kermit

funny Kermit tea Halloween costume
Via Instagram @nikidetrich

This college Halloween costume is genius! Pay attention kids, THIS is how you bring a meme to life.

Check out DIY instructions here.


22. Paper Bag Trader Joe’s Outfits for Halloween

girls dressed in DIY costumes made from Trader Joe's bags
Via Instagram @madewellbymeg

The perfect easy Halloween costumes for Trader Joe’s fanatics.

You are what you eat and this outfit couldn’t be cheaper to DIY with your college besties. 


23. Bunch of Grapes

girl wearing purple balloons for grape costume
Via Instagram @kristenduff

Copy this idea:
Purple Balloons | DIY Leaf Crown

– “Last time I saw you, you were interviewing for a job at Google… Now you’re a grape.”

This funny college Halloween costume is coming out of left field and I’m LOVING it.


24. College Ruled Punny Costume

girl wearing college ruled costume
Via Twitter @cgarcia_0913

– Them: “What are you?”

   Me: “College ruled.”

If puns are humor style, this costume is right up your alley.


25. Female Spin on Dwight Schrute

Girl in Dwight (the Office) costume
Via Instagram @kanstelar

Copy this idea:
Mustard Yellow Button Up | Metal Frame Glasses | Striped Tie | Wool Skirt

The Office has never steered you wrong before and it certainly won’t on Halloween night.

Be the talk of any college party by going as Dwight. 


26. Louise & Tina Belcher

college girls dressed up as Tina and Louise Belcher
Via Instagram @prncsjuliana

Copy this BFF costume:
Bunny Ears Beanie | Green T-Shirt Dress | Blue Skort | Blue T-Shirt

Coordinate with another Bob’s Burgers fan for this fun look!


27. Post Malone Look Alike

college girl dressed as Post Malone
Via Twitter @EdenJacoby

Copy this idea:
Plaid Fleece Shirt | Temporary Tattoos

Dressing up like Post Malone is hilarious and the perfect way to try out all those face tatts you’ve been considering.


28. The Hash Slinging Slasher

girl with over sized hoodie and spatula for a hand
Via Twitter @show_merrr

The Hash Slinging Slasher is the last-minute costume idea to end all other last-minute costumes. 


When is Spongebob ever not relevant??


29. Edna Mode Costume

Edna from the Incredibles Halloween costume idea
Via Twitter @justcaroliiina

Copy this idea:
Big Round Glasses | Red Scarf | Fuzzy Dress | Cigarette Holder

“No capes.”

This fabulous, sassy Incredibles character makes for a great party costume. Edna is so simple to pull off, too!


30. Cereal Killer

cereal killer girl costume
Via Instagram @itsme_kaley

Copy this idea:
Prop Knife | Mini Cereal Boxes | White t-Shirt Dress | Fake Blood Recipe

Another pun-tastic idea!

If you’re big on breakfast food, this costume is even more relevant. 


31. Netflix and Chill Best Friends Costumes

netflix and chill vff costume idea for college girls
Via Instagram @kaulani

Why not make matching Netflix and Chill Halloween costumes for college this year?

It’s a fun way to coordinate with your bestie and you can make them in no time at all. Consider picking up the sweaters at a thrift store to save money. 


32. Napoleon Dynamite and Deb

vote for Pedro bff Halloween costumes
Via Instagram @kayheckenbach

Copy this fun couples costume:
Fanny Pack | Vote for Pedro Shirt | Curly Wig

“I’m the Deb to her Napoleon.”

Napoleon Dynamite inspired looks are cute, funny, and oh so easy to DIY. 

It’s perfect for best friends who love this movie!


Hot Halloween Costume Ideas

33. Quick Victoria Secret Costume Idea

college girl dressed at VS angel for Halloween
Via Instagram @nikidetrich

Copy this idea:
Pink Robe | Angel Wings

One of the easiest, hot college costumes for Halloween are Victoria Secret Angels.

All you need to grab is a robe, wings, and your favorite heels or flats!

DIY Costume Video: Victoria Secret Angel

34. Angel and Devil Costumes for Best Friends

college best friends dressed as an angel and a devil for Halloween
Via Twitter @allyalbach

Angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. 😜

This matching Halloween costume idea is a classic for college besties!


35. Hot Ninja Outfit

girl dressed as sexy ninja
Via Twitter @shyfaith23

Copy this idea:
Long Sleeve Crop Top | Mini Shorts | Red Ribbon | Strappy Heels

This ninja costume idea is appealing in all the right ways.

It’s provocative, budget-friendly, and can have you ready to go out in minutes. If you don’t have red heels, any color would work!

You can just match the ribbon to your heels for your own version of this costume.


36. Sultry Teddy Bear

girl with ears and fishnets
Via Twitter @@brothatsasia

Copy this idea:
Bear Ears Headband | Fishnet Stockings | Thigh High Boots | Bodysuit

Fishnets and thigh high boots are always a winning combo when you’re going for a hot look on Halloween night.

This outfit idea is a step above the usual, cute animal costumes girls like to wear.


37. Sexy Freddy Kruger 

sexy freddy kruger girl costume
Via Twitter @MarleeGaddie

Copy this hot idea:
Over-sized Black & Red Stripe Shirt | Fedora Hat | Thigh High Boots

Mix your love of horror movies with thigh boots for a winning combo. A sexy Freddy Kruger costumes will slay any college party you go to.


38. A Magician & Her Rabbit

sexy magician and her rabbit girl costumes
Via Instagram @suzanna_rosee

Copy this idea:
Felt Hat | Homemade Magic Wand | Red Bow Tie  | Frock Tail CoatWhite Rabbit Ears | Pink Dolphin Shorts

Look cute and sexy with your bestie on Halloween by trying out this costume.

I love how creativity of this idea!


39. Ariana Grande Inspired College Costumes for Halloween

Woman taking selfie in mirror of her Halloween costume
Via Instagram @theresacrall

Copy this hot outfit:
Bunny Masquerade Mask | V-Neck Bodysuit | Lace Tights

Ariana Grande’s outfit from her Dangerous Woman music video is iconic. And it’s so easy to imitate for a sensual party look!

I love this idea so much that I include two college costumes for Halloween on this list.

If bodysuits are your jam, I would suggest going with this first idea.


40. Dangerous Woman 2.0

Ariana Grande college halloween costume with bunny ears
Via Instagram @em.mag

Recreate this version:
Lace Bunny Ears | Patterned Tights | Strapless Dress


If you already have a flirty cocktail dress ready, this second look might work better for you.

Either idea will have you looking HOT at a college party, though. 


College Halloween Costume Video: Ariana Grande Look

41. Velma

Velma easy girl costume
Via Instagram @reganbarwick

Recreate this costume:
Red Skater Skirt | Tall Socks | Black Frame Glasses


Tell Daphne step aside:

Because Velma can give her a run for her money!


42. Sensual Scooby Girl Costume

girl dressed like sexy Scooby Doo
Via Instagram @gabriellevendette

Recreate this look:
Brown Crop Top | Brown Pencil Skirt | Printable Scooby Tag | Ribbon

Why be Velma for Halloween though when you can be sexy Scooby?

This college girl costume is a good blend of fun, creative, and hot.


43. Mummy Wrap Besties

college girls dressed as mummies for Halloween
Via Instagram @noamgoldfinger

Recreate these outfits:
Knee High Boots | Gauze Wrap

The final easy girl costumes on this list is mummies!

But, with a twist.

Use less wrappings for easy sexy mummy costumes you can match with your girl friends. Less is more, right?


Conclusion on easy college girl Halloween costumes

It’s honestly great that there are so many quick & easy college Halloween costume ideas out there.

Because procrastinating is a weakness of mine…

And I always wait until the last-minute to pick an outfit!

Thank goodness for ideas like these. They’ve come to my rescue many a time, and probably will again in the future.

Are any of the outfits on this list calling your name? What kind of look are you going with this year – cute, funny, hot, or something else?


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